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Foodie Friday

I'm two days late okay? Here are two new wonderful additions. Deeya Indian Cuisine Clearwater, FL  It took us two weeks to make the lunch buffet on time. We prefer buffets when it comes to Ethnic food because then we get to try everything the particular culture has to offer. This restaurant…

Thoughts on a Thursday

It's barely Thursday. I get it. But if I don't get my fingers to a keyboard within a certain amount of time between 12 A.M. and 3 A.M., it won't get done. Hence the reason I have so much fantastic content to publish but it's all pent-up in a drafts folder. I…

Thursday / Rant / Kindness

Ah, this rant series will be harder than I thought. I don't always have something to complain about. I find that to be a very appealing quality though. I mean, have you seen Facebook these days? With politics and religion, and everything in between, it seems like no one is happy…