The Blog

For so long I’ve been trying to find a way to incorporate my blog and my adventures into one on this website. Finally, I did. So if you choose from the list of categories below, you can find my miscellaneous content. At the end of the day, you realize even if you’re not bungee jumping or skydiving off of the side of a mountain, every day life is one of our biggest gifts. That adventure, my friend, is worth talking about.

My posting schedule:

Monday :
Whatever I choose. AKA I can think of only 6 ideas. AKA I probably won’t post anything as this will be my resting day.

Tuesday : Punk Rock Mom! 
I’ll talk about my princess or wild adventures in parenthood.

Here is where you will hear all of the random, joyous, ridiculous thoughts I have pent up for so long. (I normally spend all of my time with infants and animals, so trust me, conversations aren’t a typical thing for me.)

Thursday : RANTS
Thursday seems like a good day for rants. I might have a difficult time always coming up with something rant-worthy, but sure, I’ll try!

FridayLovely Souls and Hearts of Gold
Similar to my interviews, I will talk about any one person in my life, random or long-time relative. I feel like people’s stories should be screamed to the rooftops sometimes, and this is where you’ll hear my voice.

Saturday : Something New
I have vowed to try something new every week, at least one new thing even if it isn’t currently on the bucket list. Let’s keep this interesting, shall we?

Sunday : Spontaneously Yours, Sunday! 
Those of you who have been following since F&W’s infancy will know that this is where I recap the week in different categories of my various “currents”.