Why do I do it?

People ask me why?

Why did you start a bucket list? But you’re not dying?

Well, here is why. Why does one’s life have to be ending in order to do all the things we’re put on this earth to do? This is the entire reason for everything. There is a reason, a point, a purpose to just about anything in this world.

I hope this blog serves its purpose in collecting my most valued memories, sharing with those who would love to listen to my stories, and really inspire the ones who read. I want you to go on beyond your comfort zone and explore as if the world were your canvas and you are the artist. I hope to hear of people repeating my adventures and making some of their own with their loved ones. I just want to make a difference in someone else’s life, even if just a small one.

Every day routines of work and responsibility is like a bully working effortlessly to throw you into a rut of complacency hour after hour. These bullies team up on you and bear down on your soul, grinding you down to a minuscule human being. You become a walking bare minimum of life at this point. That is one explanation as to how people become so stationary in their lives. But you’re so much more than that.

That’s what separates me and puts me into a separate life box. When I get shoved into that rut rudely without consent, I always find myself daydreaming of the places I want to be, the photographs I could be taking, and standing in front of any desired landmark across the world.

I become a ghost in life and feel as if I am just bonded to the dreary pulls of time and money. I become a shell of my bright, shining self. It is almost as if it were a clockwork world and I am just another gear in this life. Life isn’t meant to sit and collect dust. Life is meant to be yanked down from the shelf and all for your taking. Can you imagine a crystal-clear fountain of ice cold water, on a hot summer evening? That is how you should be feeling about life. Drink it up and add that splash of refreshing adventure.

It all comes down to one thing. Life should be filled with passion and color.

It should be self-explanatory as to why the wanderlust strikes in me like the plague. Then I go for it. My gears start spinning and that is why I rely on goals. That is why I have to hold myself back from packing a bag for each member of my family, taking the next flight to wherever, and exploring the world as it was being offered to me. Each new experience, adrenaline rush, and piece of new land, as a platter of delicious entrees just waiting for me. Each country as another meal, each state the salt shaker, each adventure as a glass of that refreshing water mentioned above.

In the end you can have the latest and greatest technology, your fancy bathroom you remodeled last summer, or a brand new car. Or you can have all the memories in the world of yourself and the ones you cherish most, going on daring escapades, seeing breathtaking views, or just doing things you’ve always read about, talked about, and then actually crossing it off your list. You can have the mountains and the glaciers. You can have the world, my darling.

Or you can be one of those people who are able to do both, in your case, kudos to you. Most people have to choose between paths of life.

But this is about me and the path of my life, my feats with my short Puerto Rican man, with the tiny human we made, my bounty of lists that have to get done right now, and the things that simply make me smile. Most importantly, these are the things that make me jump out of that rut.

These are the things that make me feel alive.

  1. I look at this as inspiration. My fiancé and I have always wanted to travel and go on adventures, but we never have. We always just talk about it! And it sucks because that daily routine is what keeps people like us, with anxiety, stuck in that mind-state. I’m happy for you, for this website and for your adventures! ❤️

    1. I actually had a feeling that this would hit closer to home for you than others. My anxiety is a big reason why I started this to begin with. You should start with Oscar, make yourself a list of things you want to accomplish together, and take life by the horns. Once you hit the ground running, you’ll start to feel like you’re in control – not your awful anxiety. I honestly hope you continue to read and you have no idea how happy it makes me to know I’m providing inspiration and maybe that I can help you! Thank you so much for your support, Andrea!

  2. I love the way it all makes perfect sence and how beautiful it sounds to read out loud…I have to admit it sure does give me a lot to think about…thank you for that my dear friend

    1. Thank you for the feedback Blanca! That is exactly what I aim to do: give people something to think about! I hope I’ve inspired you to go off and do wonderful adventures with your family. But I appreciate the kind words about my writing; it’s always nice to hear that. Thank you!

    1. I love seeing the adventures you go on, Mrs. Michelle! I hope some of the places I post about are inspiring, such as the Botanical Gardens! I really feel like you would love it there!

    1. Hahaha! I’m really glad I’m providing imagery of my stories! That makes me happier than anything! I’m glad you’re enjoying and maybe we can go on some adventures together one day! While you’re enjoying Texas in a few days, I want you to tell me about every experience-worthy adventure to go on!

  3. Awe this is amazing and it took my breath away . I love this and I can’t wait to read more of your work . Keep it up .

    1. Thank you Martha! I’m so happy that you are enjoying! I love knowing that I have readers that truly care! Stay tuned for more and more 🙂

  4. Sami, What an absolutely amazing job you have done with this website/blog. Its so great to see you inspire others. It took me until i was 30 years old to finally get over my anxiety. Looking back i don’t understand why it was so hard. Hopefully we can all get together soon. keep up the inspiring work!!

  5. Thank you for the reply, Derrin. I’m truly glad you are reading and taking the time out of your day to check it out. I hope to continue to inspire for years to come. That’s probably what will happen with me and my anxiety. In a few years I’ll wonder why I ever let it bother me. This is my outlet for that. I would love to do something when we are all in the same area. Thank you again; I wrote something because you and Elizabeth inspired me. I’ll show you later! Continue to read and laugh with us.

  6. Sam, what you describe is what’s lost from transition of child to adult, the most blessed and precious innocence and open mindedness, purity of soul and wide eyed wonder where the simplest of things can be complex and intriguing, like life itself almost always is. Humans as we get older begin gradually losing, the wanderlust that if always kept in your heart would make the world forever a better place to be. Don’t ever let that go Samantha, not ever.

    1. This is truly a heartfelt reply and I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. Thank you so much for pointing these things out for me and opening my eyes to the reality of it all. I always try to keep my perspective as fresh and young as possible, so that I can enjoy the little things in life, because it gets so stressful with working and bills and pretty much everything. It is often lost sight of so I really hope I help others in seeing that – another reason for doing this: inspiration. This is my passion. Writing and new experiences. Thank you Tony, for being there! I hope you enjoy the rest of the stories. And I’ll try! For it’s people who help me realize, that give me the want/need to go on. Thank you.

    1. Thank you Amy. I’m so glad you and Tony both are reading. It means the world to me. Love and miss you, too. It’s so kind of you to be reading. I appreciate it so much. Stay tuned for more 🙂

  7. You might think about adding a WordPress add button (and maybe some like buttons.) It was hard to figure out how to follow you (if you don’t want emails.) Apparently, you can add a domain name manually into the WordPress Reader, but I imagine not everyone knows this. Also, the easier you make it for people to add you, the more followers you will have.

    1. I really appreciate your suggestions and feedback. I added the like buttons. I’m new to WordPress as of July of this year but usually, the ‘follow’ button is there. I just changed my theme recently so I’m trying to figure out how to get that follow button back. I always thought there was a follow button in the top, black toolbar! I’m sorry about it being complicated to find though. I’m working to get it more visible to have more followers. Thank you though. I sincerely appreciate it. Thank you also for going through all that trouble to follow along.

      1. I thought so too. I was surprised when I didn’t see it up at the top; I thought maybe you weren’t on WordPress. I am also having some problems with my theme. There are support forums you can post questions on if you can’t find your answer on the help pages. People are pretty good about responding.

        1. I am but I think in the beginning I connected them with JetPack and then deleted the wordpress blog. So flowersandwanderlust.wordpress.com doesn’t exist anymore because I didn’t think I needed it. Now I think that’s why I can’t get that follow button back. I’ve been Googling for an hour. This is exhausting, haha! I’m going to look through some more threads and maybe figure it out.

        1. Well, for only being a month in, you’re doing great! I surely expected much longer. My husband was standing behind me as I was going through my reader, so when we came across your most recent post we just laughed and laughed. We have a thing for little dogs, as we have two chihuahuas of our own. It’s always refreshing to see silly pet costumes adorable dog faces.

    1. Thank you! It gives me a sense of accomplishment and something to look forward to at anytime. There’s never guessing about what to do next because it is all laid out in front of me in a list. 🙂

        1. WOW! I loved reading about your bday celebrations!! YAY for being 22!! <3 I'm so happy you had a great bday!! <3 Here's to celebrating life!! Oh, and I love the Christmas Tree lane, your tattoo, and all your pink accessories!!

    1. Thank you! That is precisely why I created the website. It brings me so much joy and purpose in my goals. I hope you enjoy all that is to come.

  8. Although, work feels like a bully and sometimes life has the tendency to keep the best things on the shelf for a latter date. But I believe with your faith you will unlock unbelievable doors of great fortune if you stay focused. Hope you have an amazing week.

    1. I agree one-hundred percent. I feel all it takes is faith and you can get anywhere. Let that be your plane ticket into a new city, let that be your new adventure.

      I hope you have a wonderful week as well. And thank you for the comment/follow.

    1. Thank you, Christina! I will definitely get back to that some time today. 🙂 It makes me happy that you would tag me as I LOVE Christmas!

  9. I saw you liked a post of mine so came over to your site and I really like your writing and vibe that’s coming across! New to wp so I’m like – oh I can actually follow people on the same wave length as me/same interests and values AMAZING!

    1. Thank you for following and leaving me a kind comment! Welcome to WP. I hope you find some amazing blogs to follow. I look forward to seeing some more of your posts! I hope I don’t run you off with some of my crazy, long stories. Hahah. Thanks for joining me though. 🙂

    1. I think I read that somewhere a few times on your blog and that’s why I always loved your posts. We see things on the same level. That is so wonderful to hear. I feel the same way. It has shown to be a fantastic decision. Writing is therapy.

  10. Thank you for the follow! Reading this I completely relate. The scariest thoughts I have are when everything is going as it “should.” The job is ok, the money is ok, the friends and family is ok, but is that it? Is that all that life is about? Doing my job and then hanging out with people after work? It’s so scary it makes me daydream, and it’s why I started my blog. I’m so glad to meet another blogger who feels the same way!

    1. And thank you for the follow back! I hope you become inspired at least some way or another and go on a few different adventures or travels yourself! I had (and still have) those same scary thoughts! That’s exactly why I started mine too. I mean there’s gotta be more to living than a job…money… all that. When you’re dying, are you going to wish you had that fancy car or that you went more places? This has been a huge life-changing event for me and I’m so glad it happened, because now I’m in a different mindset. I look forward to reading more of what you have to say!

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