“You’re taking a baby to Disney World?”

“But he/she won’t even remember it…”

That was me. My husband and I had this very discussion while our peanut was still just a-cookin’ in the oven. We vowed we would never do that.

That’s the funny thing about parenthood. You end up doing a lot of things you said you’d never do.

Despite this given sentiment, I wouldn’t trade the magical experience I shared with my husband and our almost-six-month old infant for anything.

Disney World changes when you have a kid. You see, it’s already magical but once you have a child to share it with, it stops being about you. At this point, it’s all about them and your every action revolves around watching their face light up with joy.

And that is exactly what happened. It gets to the point that your eyes start welling up at the sight of this tiny, sweet baby you love so much just smiling at princesses, trying to put satin-gloved fingers in their mouth, and grabbing at the costumes of villains.

Their happiness becomes your priority. Your everything.

With that said, you have to keep them neutral among the elements. With that said, it gets really hot in Florida. I mean, really hot. 95% of the year is spent under the blistering sun in 90+ degree temperatures.

Even though Florida is a thousand degrees year round, you still find a way to look past it and make the best of it. We had a small fan that sprayed water and it was utilized almost down to the last drop. Sunscreen is also a must! A sufficient supply of drinking water is also an important item to have.

Although the sun is out 90% of the day, do not be deceived. Just because it is called the Sunshine State, that does not mean there won’t be torrential rain one minute or even quite possibly a shower through sunbeams. It did rain but we managed to be in between rides at the time. That’s how quickly it can dissipate. We just kind of become accustomed to it and deal with it though. You could get ponchos and plastic strollers cover though I’m sure.

Despite the intense weather, our love child was so happy. She smiled at each character and stranger that greeted her.

Despite what one would think, Disney World is very baby friendly. There is a fabulous baby center that is like an unlocked achievement that doesn’t unveil itself until you pop one out. In other words, you won’t have the need to know where it is unless you (or someone with you) has a kid. Or needed to go to First Aid. That is also a definite possibility.

The baby room is really nice because there are multiple tables with large disposable sheets of paper to change your baby and a room complete with any essential item you could think of needing. There’s another room in the air conditioner with a television and tables to eat on complete with a microwave in the next room.

My favorite was the nursing room. I went into the baby center expecting I’d have to feed her in the open until a kind costumed lady ushered me a to a sliding wooden door that opened to a room illuminated by a single lamp and six recliners facing forward. Those chairs were very comfortable and it was a quiet hideaway from the bustle of the amusement park outside. It was really cool because I had never been among fellow breastfeeders.

After popping into the fantastic room as often as I could, we ran from world to world riding as many rides we possibly could with the help of FastPass. I didn’t think waiting in a two hour long line would be fun with a baby. Although, she did just fine for the few that were half an hour. We managed to ride most of the classics without even needing to wait in line.

I had to wake her up for Winnie the Pooh and she seemed uninterested as she was still in her half-asleep daze. The guy ushering us in the line noticed my husband was playing classic Pokemon on his DS and of course after mentioning our daughter’s name, the guy was stoked. Turns out he was a huge video game nerd like us.

She also rode our favorite ride: Haunted Mansion. She did so well! She hardly got scared and I want to say that it wasn’t even her fault the one time she did. It happened in the beginning when the room stretches and then goes dark. Normally this wouldn’t have been a big deal but because we managed to get in the ride with the most eccentric people in the park, a different tale unfolded. They literally recited the opening scene and screamed really loudly, namely my husband who was right next to her. (That was one of the only times she cried within the 12 hours.

However, she loved It’s a Small World. LOVE. She watched all the dolls singing, she giggled, squealed, and baby-talked every one of them. She bounced in my lap nearly the entire ride.

As she rode the Little Mermaid, she sat quietly and content in the seashell, watching Ariel’s story unfold in a melody-filled adventure around her.

And lastly, of course the Carousel of Progress, and it was our chance to avoid the rain but who are we kidding, it’s such a classic. This was the first ride I actually had to nurse her on. It was nice to feed her in the AC and the dark where no one would say anything. It was kind of cool. So now I can say that?

But it was all worth it when yet again, she excitedly squealed, watching the animatronics move and talk. She actually tried to get their attention and talk to them. She just stared at them wondering why they weren’t interacting with her. As she was looking back at me, asking me with her eyes why they weren’t paying her any attention, I started to feel something.. something was on my fingers.

I fought the darkness to discover what this unidentified liquid was. Then my nostrils started doing their part and voila. I found out very quickly what had happened.

She ended up pooping on me, like a slight blowout kind of thing. Here’s the kicker. The ride got stuck so we got had to sit in the most modern era for about two runs. We watched them repeat the same lines and saw grandma beat the high score three times. The one time I’m trying to rush out the door, here we are going through their lines over again. So yeah welcome to motherhood.

Still totally worth it.

Surprisingly you can ride a lot of rides with a baby with the exception of the roller coasters with height restrictions. I think that would probably make me too nervous anyway.

Onto the princesses…

She met Princess Tiana, Rapunzel, Cinderella, Ariel, and Princess Aurora. Every last one of them were greeted with a big, gummy smile. She patted and grabbed at their sparkly dresses, she tried to stick Cinderella’s satin finger in her mouth, and she delighted many people. All of them smiled back, spoke to her in their voices, and simply shared the magic of Disney with us.

It was completely magical.

I was disappointed when I found out Snow White was only doing meet and greets at EPCOT. I met her three years ago in the Princess Fairytale Hall so my hopes were crushed thinking it’d be the same. Guess they decided to switch things up on me the one day I needed it to happen. I found out she would be in the parade so I went on a glimpse of hope that I may or may not see her. I was anxious all the way until the parade started at 3 A.M. Not to mention, my butt cheeks were like buns in an oven waiting for the parade to start for an hour, as the pavement underneath me heated up from the Florida sun. I was ready for that parade to start.

While we waited, our baby was making friends with the people behind us, just as she did in all of the ride lines. She’d whine with me every once and a while but go on to smile and squeal at literally everyone else. She was ecstatic. If she’d get antsy, I would just turn her around to her new friends and she’d pep right back up. This happened for strangers, the full crowds gathering around her, people taking her photo (before we even got into the park), princesses, villains, and big, scary characters. She wasn’t phased. She grabbed at their costumes and tried to put gloved fingers in her mouth.

At one point, a very large costumed creature was coming closer and leaning down at me. As my infant child was giggly and excited at the attention, I was squealing and turning away, almost in tears. I have and always will be afraid of large costumed things. I was very awkwardly uncomfortable.

It was cute because the guy sitting next to us had a blank sketchbook out at the beginning of our wait. Toward the end, I kept catching glimpses of the works of his pen, and I noticed he drew an adorable version of our baby in her Snow White costume and the biggest, toothless smile on her face.

Once the end of the parade was nearing, I noticed a few big-nosed, short creatures, with goofy outfits on and I knew it was time. The Snow White troop was approaching. One dwarf spotted her and turned around to get the rest of them. Next thing I know, there are seven dwarves crowding around her. This section of the parade basically stopped  as the dwarves excitedly flagged Snow White down.

For anyone who knows her, she made the perfect Snow White and since she was born I had wanted to dress her up like the first Disney princess because of her dark hair and fair skin. Her hair is so long and has been since birth so it was nearly perfect. Everyone made a comment but because the resemblance was uncanny. That’s why it was so important for her to meet her and it ended up being more than I could ever imagine.

Other than the fact that it was amazing for me to see her face light up, it was cool for me too as I got to try dole whip for the first time and I got my first pair of Mickey ears. The Polaroids I captured were incredible too.

In all, this trip was amazing and I can’t wait to go back when she will remember it but it was most definitely worth taking her.

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