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I’m six months late to post this but this is one of the biggest life changes on my bucket list. We didn’t know whether this would be checked off sooner or later but we figured it would never “be the right time” so why not stop trying to prevent that. Then I lost my job and it ended up being a good time to continue what we had been doing for so long.

A month later, I started a new job and was training at my supervisor’s desk when I felt really strange. I felt nauseous but in no way that I ever had before. That night I got a cheap test and it showed a faint positive. I didn’t believe it. So I got four more each time getting a more expensive one each time. By the end, I had a high-tech, digital blue sign.

We had been married for five years though so I think it worked out nicely after the initial shock faded. The pregnancy was good and she ended up being born on her due date. I guess technically it would have been a day after considering I was in labor that entire day. 24 hours later exactly, there she was. A beautiful, 7 lb 10 oz bundle of dark hair.

Our child is definitely a blessing and we are so happy we have a third adventurer to join our clan of us and fur babies. Even during the most stressful times, I’m very thankful for her and wouldn’t trade all the tears (hers and mine) for anything. She is growing so fast and quickly moving up in clothing sizes before she even reaches that age.

We try to take her on as many adventures that we can and cast away the general assumption that life stops when you have a baby. She’s already done so much with us so I feel like I’m doing good by her and us. She gets to expand her mind in big ways and we get to experience our zest for life with her in the hopes of one day, she’ll go on her own adventures and never settle.

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