Bucket List Check | Use a Pottery Wheel

This is definitely a skill you have to practice to fully grasp. It isn’t as easy as it looks and it is very messy. I was covered in wet, mucky clay. I also had to start over many times and my creations definitely didn’t look perfect. You have to move your hands in a certain way, while applying just the right amount of pressure, and then you let it dry.
A few days later, we were to come back and dye our pieces. Unfortunately we never had a chance to see the finished product. The shop was only open at certain times and we were extremely busy with the end of my pregnancy. I was informed that they throw out “unclaimed” pieces after a few month. When I called, the woman couldn’t tell me if our pieces were still available so I didn’t want to drive that far on a “maybe”. Oh well. Maybe next time.
That’s what Groupon is for, right?

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