Travel List Check / Asheville, NC / Savannah, GA

We took an impromptu road trip to the mountains for the Fourth of July weekend. This trip was a trial run with and a minute break from reality. As unorganized as it was, we still ended up feeling refreshed as we do with any trip. We made a stop in Savannah before we reached our destination in North Carolina.

In Savannah, we explored the beautiful Southern charm of this quaint city. We wandered throughout Forsyth Park and around all the surrounding architecture. Accidentally, we found a Mellow Mushroom so we stopped for some psychadelic pizza. We have a sub-bucket list for all the locations and have now visited five of them together (St. Augustine, Fleming Island, Savannah, Clearwater, and Brandon; He has been to many more.) I’ll say this one is my favorite so far. I excidently marveled at the hydrangeas and Spanish moss dripping throughout the city. We also stood beneath the stained glass halls of St. John’s Cathedral and took a stroll along the breezy River Street brick road.

After we left Savannah, we crashed for the night in Charlotte to recharge for our trip to Asheville the next morning. We ended up in one of the skyscrapers next to the NASCAR hall of Fame so that was kind of cool.

I squealed as we drove up and down through the winding mountains. I watched the baby’s ears pop as ours did. The mountains are an exciting sight when all you’re used to is flat land and beaches in Florida. Most of our time was spent in and out of shops on Lexington Avenue. In the artsy city, we met amazing people of which it seemed we’d fit right in with. We also had the best food we’ve ever had in our life at a Himalayan restaurant. I still dream of this food and have been drinking chai tea since. If and when we go back, that’ll be our first stop.

We wrapped up our trip at the bottom of a cold waterfall. We hiked down to Hooker Falls. There were people in the water and splashing in the blistering sun. I went in knee deep and it was incredible considering how hot it was. I was the only one who felt this way apparently though. The second my baby’s foot hit the water, she started screaming. Otherwise, we all had quite the time.

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