Bucket list check | 29. Ride the tallest SkyCoaster in the world

Remember when I did the slingshot in Orlando with my friend, H, because neither of our husbands would do it and we just couldn’t bother with doing this alone? Well, again my husband and I were in Orlando already staying in a hotel on the same strip as both Old Town and Fun Spot, so she met us up there again. The Skycoaster is so much more intimidating than the slingshot and I knew this when we did the lesser of the two first.

I woke up with a stomach ache due to nervousness and ate the smallest breakfast I could stomach due to anxiety. We got there semi-early after checking out of our hotel, so we perused the shops of Old Town waiting for my friend to get there, in my favorite shop Black Market Minerals to be more specific. Every time I walked under the beast or watch someone get released and start flailing, I had to swallow lumps in my throat and ignore the awful feeling in the pit of my stomach.

Once she showed up, I’m pretty sure we sat there close to it and watched others get dropped from 300ft feet. We finally worked enough courage up to do it instead of backing out as I’m sure we both would have ended up doing. I don’t back out of much but I can assure you that I was checking out the bumper cars next door. Also there was a helicopter writing words in the sky about God so I felt like that had to be a good sign, right?


The next dilemma was figuring out who would pull the cord to release us once we reached the top. There was no way it was going to be me. They make the taller person go in the middle and the shortest will pull the cord at 300 ft. Unfortunately at 5″2′ that doesn’t leave a lot of room to relax for me.


We ended up in our loading dock to get strapped in when a group of people approached the outside fence asking if we were going to actually do it. After a few nervous laughs, we said yes. She told us that she wanted to do it but that none of the people she was with (assuming her kids and grandkids) wouldn’t do it with her. It all kind of happened so fast but we ended up recruiting a third person to ride with us. She was so cool for agreeing to go with us on the spot. In turn, she ended up being the cord (I’m so sorry Mary, for volunteering you) but she was totally okay with it!


I had to take my glasses off for obvious reasons but H was worried about losing her shoes. I think the most funny part of this was hearing the guy say “You’re worried about losing your shoes? You have a whole boot on.” Anyway, we got strapped in and linked arms with H in the middle. This entire time I thought you lay on your belly on a platform, but it’s not a platform at all. You get into a harness-type contraption and it has an apron-like function that holds you in. It lifts you up and then tightens up so you fall forward. It looks like you’re totally going to fall on your face but you end up being all right and momentarily dangling.


It starts lifting you up slowly and I felt all right. We saw a big turtle in the water below us actually. I asked if it was done lifting us about five seconds later and was informed that we weren’t even halfway up yet. That’s ridiculous. Once we heard the OK to pull the lever, we went soaring! It was a surreal, thrilling experience. We swung back and forth a few times. I screamed quite a lot and everyone heard, but do I care? Nope, not even a little bit, because it was a big deal that I did it in the first place. The view was amazing, it felt like we were flying, and there were even birds flying with us. It was definitely an experience worth having.


I’m glad I could share this with two other amazing people, a really good friend and someone’s grandma. My husband told me that he could actually hear them saying “grandma, you’re so brave!” How cute is that? I would definitely do it again and actually plan on it within the next week.

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