Bucket list check | 36. Ride in a Horse-Drawn Carriage

I don’t think we could have picked a more perfect Wednesday afternoon to take a Cinderella carriage through the city. I always dreamed about taking a ride on one of these downtown carriages ever since I met this beautiful horse posted by the Moon Under Water restaurant. The sun was setting, there was a feathery breeze passing by, and we even had our pup with us. The staff was friendly but also dedicated to making the experience special and giving us privacy. There was no bombardment in sight. It was just us three enjoying the breeze and the beautiful views of downtown St. Petersburg, Florida.

Our horse was a gorgeous Clydesdale by the name of Henry. He was gigantic and very friendly at the age of 12-years old! These horses are very well taken care of and you can tell. They respond well and they keep their cool even when people get close to take pictures or when dogs bark at their large, majestic beauty. They followed the rules of the road very well.

We took a ride down past a beautiful park by the water called Vinoy Park. We gazed at lovely houses, adorable bed and breakfasts, and even a dog park! Every dog in the dog park jumped out of their owners’ laps to bark a little closer at the horse. It delighted me especially because our own feisty dog was actually in the carriage not barking. Charlie kept his cool and didn’t bark at the horse, not even once, even though he pepped up and whined a little when we passed by onlookers.

It was a very romantic ride. We chose the Cinderella carriage so we saw many little girls pointing with open gasping mouths holding their mom’s hands on the sidelines. You have a choice when it comes to which carriage you’d like to take a ride in.

We had thirty minutes of clip-clopping through the cobblestone streets under rose petals. They were fake of course but still. The point is that it was cute. He also had to speed up at certain points when we went through intersections. It was pretty entertaining to say the least.

At the end of the journey, we posed up close to Henry. I was wondering how Charlie and the horse would react. One of his hooves was bigger than Charlie so there was no telling what each one thought of the other. Until this big horse face turned and started sniffing my little dog’s head. That was something else. I couldn’t stop laughing because Charlie was freaking out and about to jump off of my shoulder.

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