Bucket list check | 168. See a classical show

Be still my heart!


Seeing the Florida Orchestra play made my heart happy because I used to be in an orchestra myself. Given, it wasn’t anything more than the school orchestra, but you really do feel like you’re apart of something bigger. I often miss playing the violin because it was almost as if it were an art. I was first chair, second section for almost my entire time in middle school. Then I managed to pass it down to my little brother and he still plays.

Anyway, the Florida Orchestra played a two-hour show at Ruth Eckerd Hall. I actually somehow managed to lead us to the wrong theater so we were ten minutes late and had to wait for a break in the music to sit down in our seats. I don’t know why I thought it was a different theater but we got out and started walking the few blocks before it dawned on me that we could actually be at the wrong place. We had to drive instead of walk but we made it just in time. As soon as we heard people clapping in between the music, we dashed down some stairs into our portal.

We had some pretty fantastic seats. We were in one of the first three rows and all the way on the end. We were sitting in front of the up-right bassists. There were a few violin solos that were actually beautiful. The music pieces played almost sounded like a walk in the forest. They played Scheherazade. I also loved hearing brass instruments. It was a lovely mixture of harps, trumpets, and string instruments. I’m sure there were more but it all came together so nicely. It was nice sharing this moment with my husband even if we managed to be late.


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