Bucket List Check | 60. Swim in Hot Springs & 106. Eat something aired on Man VS. Food





Maybe the springs weren’t “hot” but they were warm enough to make it to the list. The Warm Mineral Springs of North Port are the only warm springs in the state of Florida. The warm springs is a natural body of water formed by a sinkhole and fed by a spring. As any normal Florida spring is docked at an average 72-degrees, the Warm Mineral Springs are docked at a consistent 87-degrees.



Prehistorically speaking, the springs are spoken of dating back to a dry cave. I find this very interesting. I especially find it interesting because it was said to have formed due to an earthquake.


We took the GoPro out for its very first underwater adventure. I love this nifty camera. It takes really awesome action shots. The only con to this adventure was that the water wasn’t clear enough. Wait until a trip to Weeki Wachee or another clear spring happens and it is so on. It still managed to capture a few nice underwater shots up close. I definitely need to get a stick for mine so I can take farther shots.



We didn’t swim for long but it was still a nice experience. It was nicknamed Ponce De Leon’s original Fountain of Youth because of healing properties in the warm water. It is actually used as a day spa and there were quite a few elderly folk floating about in the water.


It was a pretty big area to swim in and in the center of the large circle is is said to be about 250-feet. I found this intensely fascinating. I can see how it would be a very soothing activity to do. Also, swimming builds great muscle and the water isn’t too cold obviously.


I had no idea the water would be salt water though. It oxidized my wedding ring and it freaked me out, but I used cleaner, and it is back to normal now.


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The salinity was so high that floating was a definite occurrence. It was pretty hard to sink.


We ended up leaving a little earlier than planned due to rain and starving. We were so hungry from not eating all day.


We had dinner at the Old Salty Dog which was featured on the Travel channel’s Man Vs. Food. We were driving through Sarasota on the way home so we figured why not. We ended up at a different location than the one Adam Richman visited but both were in Sarasota. It was confusing and definitely not made clear.


Anyway, we ended up ordering our drinks and calamari as appetizers. We never should have gotten appetizers because obviously, for a meal to be on Man Vs. Food, you know it had to be big.


The restaurant was very beachy and tropical, but I loved that there was dog memorabilia everywhere. Even the condiments were stored in a dog bowl. How adorable is that?



We then got our food and chowed down on the Salty Dog loaded just like Adam had. The world famous hot dog is 1-ft long and battered in beer.


Then it is covered in mushrooms, sauerkraut, lots of cheese, onions, and full strips of bacon. It was really good but I was definitely not up for the challenge! I had maybe three bites and I was full. It was Man v. Food, and food won!



In a few months, hubby and I are going to check out Munchies 420 in Sarasota. It is also a Man v. Food restaurant and there happens to be a bucket list adventure out there. Maybe soon!

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    1. They were nice! If you’re ever around the area again you should check it out and go for a swim!

      The hot dogs were soooo big, haha
      Thanks for always reading. I love reading yours as well. And you haven’t because you’re too busy becoming a millionaire 😉 Wait until you do though! Think of all the consistent traveling and adventures you’ll go on!

    1. Maybe there is! I had no idea about half of these things until I specifically started looking for them because of my bucket list. It’s nice to discover things like this. 🙂 Thank you for your comment!

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