Bucket List Check | 190. Go to a Drive-In Movie

This week’s date night took us back to the 1950’s under a start-lit sky.


We headed over to the Silver Moon Drive-In to see The Duff. The original plans were to see Cinderella but we ran out of time so we had to see a later showing. That was fine because it gave us a chance to get a bite to eat at Zaxby’s which is my favorite fast food restaurant besides Taco Bell. We don’t have a Zax close to home so anytime we are out of the area, we always always stop there. It hit the spot, that’s for certain.


We arrived to the late showing of The Duff slightly early so we waited and got situated while Insurgent was finishing up. We weren’t too invested in the movie considering we still hadn’t seen the first of the series. I actually want to read the books first anyway.


We had a nice set-up of sleeping bags, pillows, and blankets in the back of my SUV. We were able to back in front and center and lift the back glass part of the hatch to see the projected movie clearly. We even streamed the radio through my honey’s phone so we didn’t have to keep the car running.


Other than the daunting mosquitoes and the humidity of Florida, it was such a lovely time snuggling up with my husband. Our feet were hanging out the window which is the ultimate movie foot rest.

I wasn’t taking a photo of the movie itself. Just of our toes in the wind.

I’ve always loved the Silver Moon. It is a very cute establishment that hasn’t lost its age. Jumbo sized “medium” drinks still don’t cost more than five dollars if you get two and you just feel the simplicity all around you.


I used to love going as a kid with my family and I still love it. I think the drive-in is a perfect date for a brisk fall night. Florida is less brutal that way.

The movie was pretty funny. It was extremely modern obviously and I can see what they say about it being the Mean Girls of this generation. I thought it was a combination of that and Easy A anyway. There were definitely parts that had us laughing but you’ll have to see for yourself!


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    1. They are very few and far between these days. I love the old-timey feel though. The 1950’s is just one of those eras I love so it is nice that things like this still exist.

    1. Are there any where you’re at? I think we only have maybe two left in the area! It is so sad. But they are so inexpensive and a lot of fun.

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