Bucket List Check | 183. Go to a stand-up comedy show

I honestly didn’t know what to expect out of this adventure because it was a small and inexpensive one; to be honest, I often find myself questioning if I even have a sense of humor because I take myself and life way too seriously. I have learned to loosen up and let go though. Kind of. We were both exhausted and had a rough week so far, so we didn’t want to go anywhere. However, we both got dressed and dragged ourselves out of the house on a work night.

And boy am I glad we did!

Kind of dark. It was really hard to get a picture.

If anyone were to ask me right now what my favorite bucket list experience has been as of late, I would say this experience hands down. For the love of Groupon, I’m so glad we went out on this Thursday night. I left with my cheeks hurting from laughing so hard. To just sit there and laugh with my love and not having to worry about anything was one of the greatest feelings. 

I found myself forgetting about all the stresses of the week, not touching my phone, and simply enjoying the presence of my husband and these awesome comedic talents.

Everyone there was laughing it up and having a great time. There were couples on date night, people hooting and hollering, and an entire table of elderly retired folk that were probably laughing louder than us 20-and-30-somethings. (They were the butt of a lot of jokes, all in good fun of course, but they were such great sports even with the flying f-bombs.) There was enough to go around though! Everyone got to experience being poked at.

There were a few comedians before our main guy. There was Jeff Tinevez, the guest comedian, who was pretty funny. He wasn’t on for very long but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Then Jander Gray who was the host but had me laughing from the start and in between all the comedians, especially when he was briefing about cell phone usage and someone’s phone went off.


And lastly, there was Rick Stepinsky who was also super funny. He got to know everyone in the room asking where we were from and if we had kids. When my husband shook his head no, guess what came next? The automatic question of whether we had cats after being married for almost five years with no kids. I lost it there because we have two. I just couldn’t stop. I was crying from laughing too hard before I even made it five minutes in.

All of them were fantastic. Inappropriate jokes, jokes about us, and people just having a great time.

wpid-img_201503202676.jpg wpid-img_2015032043252.jpg

Our headliner was Paul Bond and he is a very cool dude. He is hilarious in fact! He told so many funny jokes, made awesome facial expressions that had me rolling with laughter (probably my favorite part), and he sang (quite amazingly at that!) He went through all the different profiles of races and my favorite was “sorta Rican”. He sang different parodies of songs while he played the guitar. He gave us a sample of his Christmas album which is basically all of your favorite classics twisted inappropriately. For the Hispanics in the room, which was one and the one I am married to mind you, the song was a parody of Bailamos by Enrique Iglesias. Instead, it was “by the balls” about marriage and it was sung to one of the older couples who have been married for 45 years. It was hilarious! He wasn’t just making silly jokes which I really like. He actually lightened up situations that people put too much value behind and he made fantastic points about the world needing to laugh more. I really appreciate that he is all for a cause, too. At the end he was selling his humorous CD’s and uses 100% of the proceeds for animals back in New York where he is from. That touched my heart because anyone reading this knows how much I love animals and try to help as often as possible.

wpid-img_2015032020780.jpg wpid-img_2015032051798.jpg

We enjoyed our laughter and presence of good people with a plate of nachos and some drinks. We were at Snapper’s Grill and Comedy Club, so since they were apart of each other, there is a two item minimum. I got a strawberry daiquiri (one of the best I’ve ever had might I add) and my love’s two items counted for a whole pitcher of one of his favorite craft beers. The prices were fantastic so it was very reasonable. As he sipped (and spit out) Jai Alai by Cigar City, he slipped more and more into a drunken state. He was adorable though. It was so cute because there was a moment I thought he got lost or fell in while he was using the bathroom, there he was just chatting it up with Paul, telling him how awesome he was, and even passing out my business cards.


The happiness we left with was immense. I haven’t seen him laughing or smiling like that in a while. He really enjoyed his time and there’s no greater feeling than a success of its kind. The environment was very relaxed, the people were fun to be around, the comedians were very good at what they do, and the staff was incredible. They are friendly and very attentive. I love what they do and if we don’t end up coming back every Thursday, we will definitely be returning and with friends at that.

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  1. So glad you two had a great time. You were great sports and it was a fun night with that small but mighty crowd. Take care of those cats and each other – Rick Stepinsky

    1. Thanks Rick! Even this comment made me laugh. Keep doing what you’re doing because you certainly brighten people’s lives up. It was a lot of fun and I hope we can see you again!

  2. Looks like a lot of fun. I went to see Kevin James once and the experience was great. Something about being in the crowd is a lot of fun. Enjoying the blog and keep up the adventures!

    1. Oh I bet Kevin James was a blast. Thank you for reading and commenting! I appreciate it. I enjoyed it though for sure. I like how they reach out to the crowd (when they can of course!) It is fun being surrounded by good people who have let loose and are having fun, too.

  3. I have a friend I went to broadcasting school with ages ago and he became a stand-up. In fact he taped an A & E special here in the Detroit area and a bunch of went there to see him. It was great! He is in Vegas now still slogging away after 30 years in the business. His name is Kirk Noland

    1. Oh wow, that is fascinating. His name sounds familiar for some reason. I’ll have to check his work out. That sounds really cool. It’s awesome that he went to do something, accomplished it, and now does it for a living. I’m sure he has it nice making people laugh for a living.

  4. You are very sweet to take the time to write such a nice review. I’m truly thrilled we all helped in making you forget your troubles, if for just that moment in time. Thanks. A nicer compliment a comedian can’t get. Hope to see you again…Paul Bond

    1. Hey Paul, thank you for taking the time to read and comment back! This is so cool. I definitely want to see you the next time I can! It was so nice having you here in Florida and I’m so glad we went. Keep doing what you do. It means more to the world than one would think.

    1. Oh, my apologies! I changed it. I definitely think someone told me that though, haha. I’m so glad you came out to make us laugh! It was truly a wonderful experience.

  5. I saw Jerry Seinfeld in Detroit a few years ago. I like him, but I always wondered, before I ever went to see a comedian, if a crowd really laugh authentically when a comedian makes their jokes.
    A lot of people seemed to be faking a laugh, pushing it, like it was just something they thought they were supposed to be doing. I figured it couldn’t always be real. Something has to be pretty funny for me to actually let out a laugh.
    Glad you had a fun evening though. I still want to see a comedy show by area comedians, not just a big-name headliner. Just For Laughs has a festival in Toronto or Montreal. I hope to get there in future, but there are more local opportunities than that nearby. Hopefully I’ll get there. It’s on my list.
    It’s pretty cool that the ones you saw have seen this blog post, as I see here in the comments.

    1. Well I can assure you I was definitely laughing for real. I guess it might be more personable when you’re with a smaller group of people and for a much more local person. It takes a lot for me to laugh, like I giggle at everything, but a full-blooded, deep-in-my-belly laugh, takes a lot. But these guys had me rolling on the floor almost.

      Oh you should definitely try to go to that festival. It sounds like a lot of fun. I love that they commented, too. Haha makes my day.

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