Double Bucket List Checks | 192. Jump in a trampoline room & 111. Eat from a food truck.

Tampa has a fantastic resource for finding the famous food trucks. There is a website available to look up which are active on which days and where they would be. Today we went on a scavenger hunt to find Tamales and Mexican Food by America’s Disaster Relief at the Cigar City Brewery. With my husband being the craft beer connoisseur he is, I figured it would be a perfect addition to go on one of the tours they offer. So, we did. We walked around the brewery learning about the process that goes into brewing beer with awesome souvenir pint glasses filled with some of the best local beer of Florida. It is world-class in fact. I don’t really like beer but I still think Cigar City puts out some great beers. My husband will swear by Jai-Alai IPA (in fact most would) and I actually liked it for the most part. We tasted Jai-Alai, Hotter Than Hellese, Maduro, and a uncarbonated double IPA. That one was really good. My love managed to snag doubles of each and I am a lightweight who drank on an empty stomach; needless to say we both “accidentally” ended up a little tipsy. It definitely wasn’t even five o’clock yet…

The food truck we specifically wanted to eat at didn’t come until 4 PM so we had a lot of waiting to do. We waited even after finishing everything we wanted to do there and I’m glad we did; it was so worth it! Spanish food is our go-to and we literally eat burritos for nearly every meal. Tamales and Mexican Food by America’s Disaster Relief have fantastic prices, a really friendly staff, and very efficient services. They even have every hot sauce you could think of and that is incredibly helpful for hot sauce nerds like us. As hotheads, we loooove having a variety obviously. The service was extremely quick as well. I think we had our food within five minutes and it was done with quality. Even with how large they are, they didn’t fall apart and get extremely messy (she even gave us tips on how to eat it the best way!) The burritos are giant and so fresh. We had to take half of them home because we were so full halfway into it. My favorite part was the staff. There are two of them: a fantastic chef and a sweet woman. We talked for a few minutes about their future plans, some of the events they attend (even local which we plan on attending to revisit them!), and their offices are somewhat close to us also. I love love the fact that they are one of the only food trucks in Florida based on charity. They are in the running for a big-time food truck cook-off in Texas in a few months. I really hope they win it because they would deserve it.

We also went jumping at the Airheads Trampoline Arena and quickly got reminded of our age. We had to buy some grip socks and redeem our Groupon (oh, that is the best). Then we entered the trampoline area. As there were a bunch of kids literally bouncing off the walls around us, we managed to do so for about ten minutes and had to sit down again. I now realize why they have fitness classes there. Apparently you can burn 1000 calories per hour. We went back out there and jumped together in our own corner. We started run-jumping from the back of the trampoline area all the way to the other side to see how high we could reach the vertical trampoline part. We both jumped on the walls, fell, sat out of breath, I giggled endlessly, and it was all in good fun. I thought I had a lot of photos but I guess I haven’t learned my GoPro just yet. The exposure time was off so I didn’t get many photos that weren’t blurry. However it was a lot of fun being a kid and bouncing around as Tigger would even if we went back and forth between the bleachers and actually jumping. There was a junior jumping section and a dodgeball section which was pretty cool. There were so many cute kids running as fast as they could and jumping. There was a little girl who made my day. She saw where I have Flounder and Sebastian from the Little Mermaid tattooed and thought it was so cute. She talked to me about my entire sleeve and kept feeling the colors. It was the sweetest thing.

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    1. Oh, you guys should definitely check it out and get your “jump” on! 🙂 It is really tiring and such a work-out, so you can’t help but feel like you’re having a blast, like a little kid, and at the same time working out your body… who knew! You guys will have a blast. Thanks for the comment!

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