Bucket List Check | 211. Run in a Zombie Run

We wrapped February up with a bang. Literally. Kind of. Well, we didn’t have any guns because that would be a) stupid, b) illegal, but you get the point. After many moments of re-convincing myself to even carry on our plans to run this 5k, I finally decided it would be a good thing and not to chicken out. Zombies smell fear.


This was my first 5k ever so I didn’t know what to expect. I’m also not a great runner and I had big plans to train with hubbs since we registered a month ahead of time. Well one week turned into four weeks later, and we never actually got to train. In fact we did the total opposite. After a few discussions of attaching leashes to my husband and letting him pull me if I got tired, I decided to just go for it.

DSC_0101 DSC_0103 DSC_0105

This is also the first adventure we got to fully use the GoPro in water and through motion. I am very pleased with how well this bad boy works. Next time I’ll try that trick to keep rain drops from the lens. I apologize in advance for some of the spots with water.

gopr0454 GOPR0453

We got there and received our t-shirts, bibs, and lined up behind the starting line. My nerves really kicked in at this point. We started jogging and watched for the zombies. Then we started hitting patches that had zombies waiting to grab your flag which were also your life. If they captured all three, you would die. At one point I lost two, sadly within the first mile, but every so often there were recharging stations that you could get water and more flags.

GOPR0476 GOPR0473

We went out there as #2359 and #2360 with guns a blazin’. We mostly walked but like I said, no training, and being our first one, this was okay. We finished it in the end and that’s all I was excited about. We really got our running out obviously when the zombies tried to approach us. Since my dear husband is so much faster than I am, he took off in sprints when we entered danger zones. We stuck together the entire time which I’m so thankful for. He also served as a deterrent for me since he was more of a challenge. I had maneuvers but he had speed. One even went way past his zone to chase him because he was so fast. All for a little girl to grab it around the corner.

The zombies were dressed well and their make-up was on point. We saw two sheriffs due to the obvious Walking Dead reference, a few ring leaders, and a few others. I always have this fear of the apocalypse because unlike the rest of the world with their zombie obsession, they kind of freak me out. That was what I feared most. Luckily there weren’t any that I would be especially irrationally afraid of.

My husband on the other hand has an awful bout of clown phobia. To say there was an amazing clown zombie that came out of nowhere and scared him is an understatement. (This clown zombie actually went on to win the best dressed zombie award they held at the end.)

GOPR0481 GOPR0479

There was mud EVERYWHERE. It was hard to get through at times because it was deep and slippery. Thankfully the zombies were moved away from these intensely muddy areas or else I’m sure I would have face planted in the mud a few times. Actually, some did. I’m glad it didn’t start really raining until we were closer to finishing. Running from zombies in the rain comes with an increased level of difficulty for those who are visually impaired. Seriously I ended up running blindly without my glasses on during some parts because I just couldn’t see with them on. Neither of us could really see. It’s like trying to drive without windshield wipers in a good ol’ Florida downpour. It doesn’t happen.

It really wasn’t that bad. Minus the fact that the rain was torrential toward the end, we made it out alive! We have these shiny new medals to show for it and I’m excited to start actually training for the next one toward the end of the year (my birthday-ish). We will be so much more prepared and ready for some sunshine this time. Color Run, here we come!

wpid-img_201502289222.jpg GOPR0459

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    1. Thank you for commenting! It was a blast. I hope you get a chance to do something similar some time. I can’t wait for the color run – maybe I’ll actually get to do more running, haha!

  1. That sounds SO FUN. Congratulations 🙂 I always have fantasies of shooting zombies and running away from them and gathering supplies and hiding from them… I know you didn’t shoot them but the running and supplies sounds fun!

    1. Oh, it really was! Oooh, you know what would perfect for what you’re describing? Some kind of airsoft or paintball game incorporating zombies! Running, dodging, and making it to “safe zones” were fun too though. You’ll survive the apocalypse, hahah! I would not.

      1. You’re right! That would be awesome 🙂 Have you seen the film Zombieland? It puts a really fun spin on the zombie apocalypse – it might make you want to shoot at zombies 😉 But it WOULD be so scary to be in a zompocalypse!!

        1. I have seen Zombieland and I love it. It is quite possibly one of my favorite zombie flicks. It really does make it seem a bit more delightful although I am still very fearful! You’re so right.

          1. Oh, cool!! That’s great that you’ve seen it, it’s probably one of my favourite films as it’s so feel-good… but scary and action-packed at the same time!

    1. Thank you! I didn’t run as much as I wanted to but I’m going to try harder next time naturally. I want to do the happiest 5k in Florida this year! I want to do the one they are doing this month but I want more time to get better at it first, haha

  2. Wow. This zombie thing is taking over the world, if not literally then in every other way.
    I don’t get it, I must admit. Zombies freak me out and I am with your husband on the clown thing as well. *Shivers*
    Good for you though for giving it a try. Still something fun to do with your husband, even if you never did get around to training for it.
    Good luck with any future training and/or runs you decide to do.

    1. Zombies got really big when they started airing The Walking Dead. My husband had been a fan of the zombie lure since a small child. He is actually quite frustrated that so many people jumped on the bandwagon. I think they are cool but I am not obsessed like most. I think real-life zombies would be scary and watching them on TV is about as far as I can do. I have more of an obsession with mermaids. I fear they will get big and everyone will like them, also.

      Thank you so much for the comment and the kind words. I do hope the Color Run will be as exciting and better because of more training possibly. We have been riding bikes every day so maybe that will help me get fit. It was still a lot of fun.

        1. Haha, oh yes. Make sure you exercise before this though, hahaha! I jumped into it without training so I didn’t run much because my legs got really weak and shaky from having to sprint in random patches away from zombies.

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