Bucket List Check | 104. Go to an Ice Bar


This year’s Valentine’s Day brought my husband and I to Orlando, Florida. As I was checking prices on the website to gather a plan for the rest of the year, I noticed a Valentine’s package the Ice Bar was offering. Normally expensive, they had an all-inclusive package offering two glasses of champagne, admission, chocolate-covered strawberries, a fur coat for the lady, and a photo-op.

wpid-img_2015021549208.jpg gopr0237

When we walked in, I was turned around and found myself standing in a floor length fur coat. We headed to the Fire Lounge to redeem our drinks and receive our chocolate-covered strawberries. We were seated at a romantic candle-lit table for two covered in scattered rose petals. The strawberries were delectable and the champagne was particular bubbly. We even snagged a few raspberries and blackberries. Since we were famished, we worked through those berries with a swiftness and after a toast, the bubbly dissipated into the stomach lining of our bodies as well. I received my coat back and we were both handed a pair of gloves to enter the Ice Bar chamber.

gopr0225 gopr0229 gopr0233 gopr0234

The Ice Bar is basically a big freezer. There are ice benches covered in fur throws to sit down on, a small “VIP” corner where Olaf and a few penguins were just chillin’, and ice sculptures of polar bears and frames for photo ops.

The entire bar and tables were made of ice also which brings me to a funny instance.

gopr0244 gopr0245

Most of my exploration comes from my mother’s undying love to try new experiences. I always watched every move she made and all the places she went. We used to take family trips to Orlando and stayed in hotels. Sometimes they would leave us (teenagers at the time) while they jet off to cool, new dates to places along International Drive. One in particular was the Ice Bar and I remember the day they came back to the hotel and told us they went without us. My mom didn’t leave out the fact that she set her cup (also made of ice) down, had it slide off the bar and broke. She was offered a new drink but still. I kept that in the back of my mind to be careful of when we went.

gopr0251 gopr0247

Ever since I vowed to go at least once. At the time I couldn’t really drink and wasn’t allowed in at a certain time, but that didn’t matter. I then vowed to go for my 21st birthday but ended up getting too drunk at CityWalk. When we set the cup down, it ended up sliding fast toward the edge and I knew it was going to fall; there was no saving it at that rate. It fell off the side and as a group of people were passing by, a man inconspicuously set it back on the table and smiled at us. It was comical; however the glass was empty at the time so no harm, no foul.


So, here we are. A great Valentine opportunity to spend on a date with my husband freezing. The funny thing is that finally after we arrived and made it through the awful traffic and stress of getting there, I was shaking from being so cold outside. When we got inside to even colder temperatures of 22 degrees F, it felt warm outside.

gopr0246 gopr0248

Anyway, after we took a few pictures, we decided to order a drink just to have the ice cup. I went with the cheapest drink they had because I was not paying fifteen dollars a cup for the normal drinks. We went with the arctic blue drink or something like that. It was still about eleven dollars but it was good and still a part of the experience. We were rebels and decided it would be funny to eat part of the cup and totally did. Another thing we did was lick the ice polar bear… so… we’re just a little unique, but totally made for each other! HAHAH.


gopr0265 gopr0266

We sat in the VIP cubby area for a bit while we finished our drink, got our picture taken, and then left. It was a pretty cool experience literally and as I consider myself to be a little bit of an “ice princess”, I felt like I was at home, just as I would near an ocean. However, it seems a little expensive for something I expected to be a bit bigger. On an adventurous night, I would probably go back.

gopr0259 gopr0260 gopr0263

A nice little bonus was that as we were leaving, we got into conversation with the guy outside handing out discounts. He thought our wristbands were cool because he never saw one before and then asked about our GoPro since I had it out taking pictures (considering it was our first adventure since getting it), and I was so impressed with the photos. He then proceed with, “You know what? You guys are cool.” So he reaches in his pocket and pulls out two free drink cards, which was pretty cool, but we didn’t have a chance to go back and redeem them. Traffic was horrid, we had to circle repeatedly to find parking, and our car started acting up. It was still a nice experience in all.


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    1. I never would have if it weren’t for my parents! It was really cool though! Definitely an experience worth having. There’s some hiding here and there.

      Thank you for reading and always giving attention to my posts! I really appreciate that. It always makes me happy. I’m going to email subscribe to your posts so I never miss anything!

  1. I heard about these places on BucketListJourney. I think she went in Vegas. I have heard too that such places are usually pretty expensive, but it still sounds like a cool experience to have.

    Sounds like the perfect Valentine’s Day date though. Good choice. Also makes an interesting bucket list item and I really enjoyed reading this.

    I am currently freezing here in Ontario, Canada. I don’t need to go to an ice bar today. All I would need is a bottle of champaign and to go stand outside.


    Anyway, thanks for sharing this. Looking forward to future posts.


    1. Yeah, I love her bucket list. She has so much more than me but we share common goals for certain. It was still very worth it!

      Thank you for reading and commenting 🙂

      Oh, geesh, please don’t go to an Ice Bar there. I’m so sorry it is terribly cold! I’d love to go to Canada, haha.

      Thank you again for always taking the time to read 🙂

      1. Oh yeah…her list is massive. yes, definitely come to Canada. It may be cold here sometimes, but Canada in the wintertime is worth seeing. Of course there are great things to do when the weather is warmer as well. Florida was a great experience, been there three times, but I highly recommend you make it to Canada if you can.

        1. I’ve been living in Florida most of my life so I’ve explored almost every corner that I could. I want to start traveling and it is really bugging me that I haven’t quite done so yet. There’s a lot for me to see there though.

          1. The same thing is bugging me in my life. I hope we both see the things we want to see. I just can’t quite take that step right now traveling alone, and I am kind of short on other options at the moment. Nice that you have someone to travel the world with. But the two of you still have so much to see together.

          2. I’m sure we will. I’m sure it is like they say: everything good in life is worth waiting for. But I don’t want to wait until it is too late. I want to do these things now. I’m excited to share these people and places with him. When we make it to Canada, maybe we can cross off a few items together!

    1. Honestly, there is a lot of things in this area I had no idea existed. It is so weird sometimes. Like somewhere we have a giraffe ranch?! Thank you so much for commenting and reading. It was a lot of fun. 🙂

    1. I’m sure it would be and even cooler maybe! If you do, share the experience with me, as I would love to hear! 🙂 Thank you for stopping by and reading.

    1. Oh, thank you so much! I felt like a bear walking around because the first one they gave me was ginormous! I definitely got my adventuring habits from my mama. Now I just can’t stop, haha! Life is so much nicer that way. Thank you so much for reading and commenting.

  2. OMG. This is why I need your blog in my life. I spend way too much time complaining about how Florida has nothing fun to do and if it weren’t for you, I’d never find it! KEEP THE IDEAS COMING!

    1. Hahah. This made my day! I’m so glad I could help. Literally I had the same thought a few weeks ago. Did you know we have a giraffe farm…or an elephant sanctuary!? It’s like… what the heck? Florida is not a place you would even think of. I’ve found some really weird things around. Haha.

      I definitely will though. 🙂 I try to find the most interesting things that I can around!

      1. I think I knew about the giraffe farm bc my little brother went on a field trip but I never really thought to visit myself. Lol idk, I’m so broke sometimes that it’s hard to just go off and explore Fl. But at least I can live vicariously through you! =]

        1. That is so weird. You can ride camels at the giraffe farm which is even weirder. That is on my bucket list and highly expensive, so I’m waiting that one out. $300 for my husband and I to ride camels around to look at giraffes. What kind of world do we even live in. Hahah. But yes, this makes me happy. I’ll be more than glad to allow you to live vicariously through me! Maybe one of these days when I have a spare minute (I know you just graduated so you maaaay have a bit more free time), we can meet up and I’ll take you with us on an adventure or something.

          1. Yay! That sounds so excited. I’ll keep that on the front of my brain for some time in the summer or something! Do you ever go to Clearwater beach?

          2. I do. More so at night than int he daytime but that’s just because I love Madeira beach since it’s less crowded and it’s like a miniature Fort Lauderdale.

          3. I love going to the beach at nighttime. There’s a sense of freedom and youth about it. I love how quiet it is and if you’re lucky, you can see different creatures at night than in the day when it is hustling and bustling.

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