Bucket List Check | 25. Ride the World’s Largest Slingshot

Just as I mentioned in the Ice Bar post, this year’s Valentine’s Day brought my husband and I to Orlando, Florida. Now, everyone in Orlando sees this and some may even be curious about it, but not everyone stops to see what the fuss is about. I was also really excited because of Celina’s experience with the World’s Largest Sling Shot bucket list experience on ‘My 52-Things’.

Since I had moved this little beauty to my bucket list, I made a vow that I would finally do it. I was going to do it with my step-dad one year for my birthday but he didn’t want to that night or something, I think he was sick, and it was already cold. I don’t remember but anyway, you can only ride if you have one other person with you.

gopr0269 gopr0272

My husband is terrified of anything that shoots you into the air straight up and heights combined into one lovely package. He will probably never do this with me because it was hard enough getting him to ride Doctor Doom’s Fearfall at Islands of Adventure. He didn’t quite enjoy it either. I felt badly. So, one of my great friends from high school and I got together and decided we would plan a day to do this together. Since we were already going to be in Orlando, she drove the trip to meet me there, because her husband was also never going to do this with her. It was perfect circumstances.

We missed the turn and ended up taking an hour detour for what was only five minutes away without traffic. I’m not kidding and the traffic was horrendous even past midnight when we were going to find food afterward.

I was absolutely terrified. I knew it wouldn’t be too bad but stuck in traffic staring at the ride made me almost want to throw up in anxiety. When we finally arrived, I looked for her and the people she was describing in her text messages. Finally after not seeing me, we realized we weren’t at the same place. I forgot there were actually two slingshots in Orlando, so she drove to me. The worst part is that we planned to be there at 8:30 p.m. and she made it to the first one no problem. Thirty minutes after finding out we weren’t at the same place, we finally met up, and sat in the queue to freak out with each other. This was at 10:30 P.M. due to traffic and a location mix-up.

wpid-img_2015021526499.jpg wpid-img_201502155053.jpg

We finally loaded up and were pulled down into the base of this “volcano” in a reclined position. Volcano eruption noises start rumbling beneath us and then we shoot up into the air at a force of 3-5 G’s and over 300 feet in the air. As we watched the people, it looked like it was no big deal. When we were actually on it, it definitely did. I didn’t stop screaming and it went really, really high into the air. It flips you a few times, bounces you back up and down at least three or four times, then it stops you in mid-air before they pull you back down. When you watch it, it looks like they’re stopping in mid-air much closer to the ground. I feel like we stopped at the very top and just lingered there.

gopr0284 gopr0290 gopr0287

I made the decision to wear slippery tights and I seriously felt like I was going to slide out every time we flipped. I remember one point just feeling the top of my thighs hitting the restraint bars and sliding out a little bit, it was so scary, but so worth it! I remember shooting straight into the black sky and finally getting right side up to look out at the city lights brightly lighting the night. It was pure bliss besides the constant screaming and demanding the ride to stop stopping. I talked so much to avoid the nervousness of what we were doing. The video made me laugh although we probably can’t hear anything due to how loud I was screaming. At one point, I didn’t even know which direction we were facing because I couldn’t see the ground or the night horizon. I assume we were going side-ways but that is just crazy.


We survived and I loved it. We both did and now we’re both hooked. I would definitely do it again.

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  1. “But stuck in traffic staring at the ride made me almost want to throw up in anxiety.” <—-That is seriously the WORST! It looks so tall when you are driving up to that bad boy. Your pictures are awesome. I am going to have to try this at night sometime to see those city lights. Congrats!!!!

    1. You can’t even judge it because it is different than what it appears to be! I had no idea we stopped so low to the ground when it was finished. I honestly thought we were still at the top. I want to try it in day time now so I can see where we are at any given moment. You shoot up into pure blackness, lol. You’ll love it. Thank you.

  2. Wow.


    I am definitely going to have to try this one day.

    It sounds like the ultimate thrill. After doing the CN Tower’s Edge Walk in Toronto I am out to try anything thrilling.

    Doing it night sounds great, even after the mishap meeting your friend.


    Sometimes things happen how they were meant to. It is hard finding people to try some of these experiences though. Glad you had someone.

    I love going on ferris wheels and other rides at night, with lights. I usually am unable to see much when on a ride, but at night the lights are bright enough.

    I also loved being up and out over the Pacific Ocean, when I went to the Santa Monica Pier, on the ferris wheel there.

    Orlando traffic is pretty bad, but sounds like it was worth it in the end.

    Great post.

    1. Yes, please do! There isn’t much to it really. It was actually pretty exhilarating.

      I actually added the CN Tower Walk to my list today. And thank you. I’m glad I get to experience my memories with not only my husband but many others as well.

      That ferris hill sounds beautiful. I’m glad you can still enjoy them. 🙂 I actually had to leave my glasses and almost walked off without them. I could barely see much lol, but the lights were pretty bright.

      It was definitely worth it 🙂

    1. Oh, you did this? That’s so cool! I didn’t even know they had a zipline at Gatorland. Thanks for the suggestion. My husband and I went ziplining in Melbourne, near Cocoa Beach, and it was in a zoo, so the grand finale zip was over the alligator exhibit.

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