Bucket list check | 93. Go Gambling

Now I am one-hundred percent aware of how one could become a regular to a casino. I imagine it is something like smoking one cigarette or getting one tattoo, or having just one Lays potato chip — it just becomes addictive after you experience the thrill and pleasure of the first time. (I’m not saying either are bad. I don’t smoke, but I have an arm full of tattoos as proof that it is so addictive. And potato chips? Well, you can’t have just one.)

We merely went for the experience and set aside a strict amount of money to go with — and not a lot at that. I think I had more fun walking around, looking at the brightly colorful slot machines and memorabilia with my love, than actually watching our bills float away in the metaphorical wind of a hungry machine.

We sat at a few slot machines and let it eat the dollar bills as we pressed buttons here and there. I really didn’t understand what I was doing but we did win a few times. Four out of the five we wandered to, we gave up quickly because we didn’t realize the credits were higher and we weren’t getting as much out. We eventually went full circle and came back to the first slot machine we spent the most time at. It was thrilling going from two dollars to ten dollars, back to almost nothing, and back up again.

Once we got our fill, we wandered the great halls of the Hard Rock and looked at all the divine autographed guitars and outfits worn by the greatest rock icons of our time.

We had fun and it was swell and exciting to experience the slot machines but I don’t believe it’s something we’ll do again unless we’re traveling to Las Vegas and it is a must-do.  For those who enjoy this sort of thing, the Hard Rock is absolutely grand. It is hugely overwhelming with bright lights and chilled out people. The staff is so friendly and they have many games to offer. At least three of the games had mermaids on them!

I was just in awe because I had never been to a place that sold cigarettes in vending machines and where there were ash trays scattered everywhere for those smoking, because that’s totally allowed, too! It was crazy. You can say it was the crazy fun adult version of Chuck E. Cheese where instead of tokens, your money is at stake, and even sometimes one’s livelihood, plus you leave smelling like cigarette smoke. Everything is good in moderation and sometimes that line gets crossed. It can sometimes become a sad addiction, which is why they have a toll-free number for those with a gambling addiction.

I would recommend everyone to do at least once, just to experience responsibly obviously, just to get that thrill of pulling levers to line cherries up, and hearing the chiming of dollar signs.

In all, definitely a fun experience and I’m glad we went. I don’t think that it’s wrong or bad or anything at all whatsoever. Just one and done for us. 🙂

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  1. hello flowers and wanderlust its dennis the vizsla dog hay dada sez the last time he wuz in the mithikal sitty of lost wages he wuz only forteen and aparently they do not let yoo into the kasinos wen yoo ar forteen so he spent most of his time in the arcades playing pinball and arkaik viddyo games!!! so aparently casinos ar teenaydjer arkayds as wel as adult wuns!!! ha ha ok bye

    1. Haha, is that so? That’s awesome! I can definitely see how it would be fun to play in a jumbo casino as a kid. That sounds so funny. 🙂

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