Bucket list check | 185. See Rocky Horror Picture Show Live

wpid-img_201501114145.jpgI would like to proudly announce that there are no longer any Rocky Horror VIRGINS on this blog!

And now I know where the world goes after midnight Saturday nights in Tampa. Why, they are at the Rocky Horror Picture Show put on by the Cheap Little Punks of course. Never have I had so much fun, so late, being out and about. The incredibly lively show added fabulous excitement to my life from 11:30 P.M. to 2:30 A.M.

For incredibly inexpensive tickets, you can enjoy the experience of a lifetime in the craziest lingerie you can find in your drawers way after the sun goes down. If you have any corsets, be sure to wear it, it amplifies the experience all that much better!wpid-img_2015011152932.jpg

Let me rewind and explain a few things. There is such thing as a RHPS virgin. Usually for first-time goers and quite frankly I took the entire cake home for never even seeing the movie itself. Hubby did, too. As the opener explained, it is a bit of “hazing” for people who never made the time to go to one of the shows. We wanted to share this experience with a dear friend of mine and her husband (C and D), so naturally she texts me beforehand and tells me “oh, the virgin thing is no big deal”. I take it at face value and just focus my energy and excitement on the craziness I was about to undergo.

That’s when we get there, go into a dark theater, and take our seats when she tells me….

“I rat people out and never haven’t done so.”


Never have I downed an appletini so fast. If I was going to have to go on stage in front of everyone, I was going to be ready, and less sober, haha! They make the call for all virgins to stand up and as smoothly as I tried to get out of it, it didn’t work, for she exposed me of every last bit of virginity in my body (hubby, too!). The cast members saw me and they just weren’t going to accept me sitting back down. After her literally pushing me away from my seat and them convincing me to go because there would be no other chance, finally I marched my high heels to the stage. I’m just glad I wasn’t alone and that my husband was there to share the stage with me. There were quite a few people on stage so we didn’t get picked for the mortifying part.

All we had to do was take part in a gigantic group hug. The chosen ones had to pick their favorite cartoon character and then give their best impression of an orgasm of that character. Between Sonic, Hulk, Optimus Prime, Spongebob, Shaggy,  and the Roadrunner, Optimus Prime won. He even transformed with his hoodie and everything, but it was by far the funniest thing I had ever seen.

So I merely want to thank her for pushing me out of my comfort zone, as it is not something you want to miss, and I’m glad it happened. Even if we didn’t have to answer such questions as “What is the craziest place you’ve had sex at?” in front of so many people. I’m also glad my other half was right there beside me.

After the preliminary virgin ceremony, you go into the disclaimers and rules. There isn’t really any and you can scream “f you” to the rules and literally everyone does. The disclaimer is pretty much to tell everyone who is offended easily to leave in which case the opener asks everyone to scream the worst bad word they know. The guys behind us kept saying “football” in a really weird voice and it was the funniest thing in the world. Not only could they not understand them because it sounded foreign, but they would say it in the worst times. I don’t even know if they were saying the word football. Regardless, it was ridiculous and fun.

The rest of the show is pretty self-explanatory. You have the ability to buy a prop bag that holds miscellaneous items such as gloves, cards, a newspaper, and a party hat to use during the film. Some were to be thrown and some were used to copy what the actors are doing at any given time. For instance, when they are walking in the rain with a newspaper on their head, we are to put it on our head, and it is all in good fun.


I definitely want to go back when I have seen it by itself and know what to yell during which scenes. Practically the entire movie has scenes where the audience yells funny, dirty, and raunchy lines back at the characters. You’re supposed to yell “slut” every time they say Janet’s name, Bullwinkle during a particular scene with saying Rocky’s name, and even in the beginning where the cast members pretend to climb the narrator’s tie. And most famously, the time warp! I can officially say I danced the time warp at a RHPS show and it was so much fun.

The costumes were fantastic, the actors in drag were a great sight, the dancing was fun and upbeat. Watching the live audience dance, sing, and interact with the audience whilst the film was playing behind them, is an indescribable affair. You really just have to experience it for yourself and you can experience the audience participation of a lifetime.

At one point when Janet starts running around the table in her underwear, you are actually encouraged to run around the room with a bunch of people you in the audience and cast, in your underwear! One chick was even topless and it was just the craziest thing I had ever been to.

 People were drinking, being silly, and just doing their thing, because you really just have to at the show. We surely didn’t do that part, but we threw cards and yelled the little lines we knew to yell.

This will definitely be a repeat and I’m going to find someone who has never gone before to take with us next time, when we memorize the lines a little better, and get a better outfit for the occasion. I will make sure to never break the trend that is menacingly forcing my friends on stage to experience the little skip of a heartbeat I experienced my first time.


wpid-img_2015011147772.jpgSex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll!


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    1. You should find a local show in your area if you can! It was so worth and so much fun. It’ll be even more fun for you since you know the movie so well. I definitely have to learn some lines, haha. You won’t regret it!

    1. Oh, but you most definitely have to experience it firsthand. I usually let myself back out of things due to anxiety or my shyness. I almost did. That’s when the crew and my friend pushed and said “you only get this opportunity once, next time you won’t be one, and won’t be able to experience it the same way.” I took that to heart as my main focus in life is “experience”. So yeah, definitely do it, and don’t be afraid! Embrace it! It won’t last forever, it’s over in like 15 minutes! Hahah.

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