Bucket list check | 189. Go to the Circus

Queue the circus music!


Just kidding, I didn’t hear that kind of music. I didn’t even see “real” clowns. They were modernized so it was a pretty cool perspective to see my first circus in.

We went to the Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey circus expecting to be wowed!

Let me just say I think I was the most excited for the animals but it was a pretty fantastic show.

Before the doors open, you have the ability to see the animals up close. The animal open house afforded me the opportunity to see two white tigers cuddle and rub faces affectionately with each other. I thought it was so cute that I squealed obnoxiously. It is safe to say the tiger is one of my favorite animals. We also saw camels and elephants. They are all such graceful animals.


I either need to start being fancy with ticket and seating choices or getting my prescription checked! My extremely strong glasses are failing me and I could barely see! However, I still managed to enjoy myself but I think it is the year to get new glasses. AH.

The way I think any circus would be smart to be is the way they conducted their grand show. They lead up to the most exciting of events. The beginning was fantastic though. The show they did for us was the first of its kind. There were portions of the old show, the one I worked at once, and additions otherwise. They take different themes from around the world and each set of acts is for that particular country they’re in. The animals correspond with what theme they’re in at any moment as well. We watched men balancing on a tight rope, women being shot from cannons at 40-something miles per hour, and a man balancing on a spinning wheel making our hearts skip a beat when it seemed like he was going to fall. Whether or not he missed the jump rope the first time on purpose or not, still made me gasp and move forward in my seat expecting a freak accident to occur.

My favorite key parts were:

The animals

We witnessed the elephants being adorable and eating whole loaves of bread.


We witnessed tigers hopping and licking their paws doing big kitty-cat things. I LOVE CATS. Oh how badly I wish I could own a tiger without it wanting to eat my face.


I would love to just cuddle all the time. Just as I mentioned previously, the two white tigers who cuddled with each other were just breathtaking to see up close.


My absolute favorite part was watching the tigers play and correspond with their trainers in such ways that one wouldn’t normally see. The camels ran, the elephants twirled, and tigers leapt. They were just pretty to look at, let alone prance around with music playing around them.


The trapeze artists


I always thought the act of twirling in the air, bending in all sorts of positions with ribbons, is one of the most beautiful forms of art. They gracefully float and contort to the sound of the music in the shows of perfect light. One of the trapeze scenes is actually an underwater play on the “journey” they make through the continents and that brings me to my next favorite.

The mermaids

At the end of intermission, I noticed in the corner of my eye, a man carrying a woman with a shiny piece floating down. That’s when it hit me. It was a tail…of a mermaid! I was so delighted that my favorite mystical creature was going to be apart of the show. There were about six of them colorfully flipping their fins in mid-air as the blue lights and sound of ocean water combined made the effects of an ocean.


The “concrete jungle”

The second-to-last was an accidental stop from the depths of the jungle into the “concrete jungle”. This act was probably my favorite as they had BMX tricks, modern clowns break dancing (quite a sight), and back to my love of animals: poodles doing tricks! As if bringing out poodles walking and hopping weren’t adorable enough, two smaller miniature poodles come out and do tricks under the big dogs! My favorite was when two big poodles hugged each other in air and the little poodles ran right under their bridge. They looked like the happiest little doggies you could ever see!


And the excitement in the air.

As I sat there with my $7.00 bag of peanuts and my husband’s $11.00 beer, we simply enjoyed ourselves in the moment. There were kids running around with the biggest smiles on their faces, adults who had never been to the circus equally excited, and workers walking around dreading the mess they have to clean up but excited nonetheless to sneak peeks of the animals and whatnot.


*Disclaimer: And… I know this from experience. Working in this arena has afforded me many opportunities to “sneak” bits and pieces of some shows. I worked so hard cleaning bathrooms so my supervisor would give me my moment to shine…in the dark of the curtain, watching the tigers, every time I heard their music come through the loud speakers. It was worth every single peanut I swept and every single muscle in my back being strained in the process.*


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