Travel Bucket list check | Christmas Anniversary Trip Pt. 5: Back to the Everglades

Part 5/5:

December 28, 2014


Our last day on vacation was spent back in the Everglades.


We headed to a big spot on the main stretch home to go on an airboat tour to see more alligators in the Everglades.



We experienced the beauty of the wetlands from a different perspective and saw more alligators up close.




We floated over Sawgrass and listened to our tour guide give educational speeches about the Florida Everglades and the environment we were submersed in.






We saw all kinds of alligators and turtles sun bathing and birds flying so picturesquely as it was a beautiful day.



She took us around the bend to show the generational products of a pair of gators and we saw an entire row of babies!



They were so tiny and there were about six of them!!! This was the most exciting moment of my life at that very time.

DSCN9834 DSCN9835 DSCN9838

We went back to see a gator show hosted by a rangers and even pet a few pythons. We got to hold a baby alligator named Snappy and the guy who was aiding in holding them was so kind to us; he was another memorable person in this journey.

DSCN9842 DSCN9843


DSCN9839 DSCN9840 DSCN9847 DSCN9845

Then later, one of the rangers walked by holding a baby alligator and a baby crocodile to compare differences.


It was neat because he said you would probably never see either animal that close to each other any other instance.

After we walked around a few museums of reptiles and whatnot, we decided we would go pick up some lunch. We stopped at a small Native American restaurant named “Osceola’s” and had a bite to eat.

wpid-img_2014122946221.jpg wpid-img_2014122929749.jpg

The culture of the restaurant was great and the staff was so very friendly. We finished up quickly and ended up two miles down the road at a restaurant called “Miccosukee” in order to get some gator bites.



wpid-img_2014122915331.jpg wpid-img_201412297863.jpg




It was my last goal of the Everglades and I really wanted to get some for us to try. We stopped in and got a small appetizer of the gator bites to go. It tasted so good, like chicken, but much chewier, and great with tartar sauce mixed with something else.


Finally it was time to hit the long road home. Almost the entire road out of the Everglades, for about an hour, was full of alligators. There were so many of them just chilling on the side banks by the road. It was crazy. I could have counted more than I did beforehand actually taking a tour in the Everglades.


We got home and we did what we wanted to do the whole time. There’s nothing like the love of your pet and thanks to our kind-hearted neighbors, this trip was possible. We were glad to be home but up until this morning I really want to go on another trip so we’ll see where the wind takes us next. We had a wonderful time enjoying each other’s company, exploring new places, trying new things, and just enjoying another year spent married to each other.

Stay tuned for my anniversary piece for him, my 2015 piece, and my next Spontaneously Yours, Sunday post and thank you for reading! I would recommend most of what I wrote about today, so take it upon yourself to visit some of these places as they are so full of creativity and nice adventures.

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