Travel Bucket list check | Christmas Anniversary Trip Pt. 1: Fort Myers. Post-Vacation is always so depressing.

Part 1/5:

Since by the time I finished this post, I ended up with almost 5,000 words, I am going to break this post up into five parts for each day we were gone.

I didn’t expect it to hit me like an oncoming train. The shock of going back to normalcy started to set in after receiving so many slobbery kisses and furry cuddles from my pets. That was really the only thing we missed the entire time being home, and of course a comfortable bed to sleep in, but it wasn’t the top of my concerns.

The trip my husband and I took for our fourth wedding anniversary and Christmas was paradise. We had so much fun and I already miss it. I have so much to write about, so let’s hope I can make it that far without drifting off into a daydream.

Wednesday: December 24, 2014
The first evening we spent our time in Fort Myers, Florida. We broke our drive up into two-hour segments for each day so it wasn’t a seven hour straight shot. The first night was the only night we stayed in a hotel but it was such a nice hotel. The Hilton Garden Inn was scripted with cute garden quotes and there were photographs of flowers planted on every wall. We spent a low-key day just relaxing and spending time together on Christmas Eve. The room was very comfortable and the staff was friendly. The second we walked in, we were introduced to complimentary cookies, citrus water, and chai tea. After our first set of driving and motionless sitting in the car, this was a nice treat to start our evening to. We were exhausted so we pretty much only watched TV and ate our microwave dinner. I’m not kidding when I say we had like eight corn dogs, not each, but still. Then we fell asleep together and prepared for another day.


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