Bucket list check | Make a Gingerbread House

Today we made a “squat house” of a gingerbread house. For the record, I think it came out really cute and it will look the same once it enters the grotto of my stomach. It was the first house we created together and I’m positive hubby hasn’t since he was young. We definitely learned some valuable pointers in this sweet excursion.


Next year?

1. Get MORE icing.

2. Use a much, much  smaller spout for the icing.

3. Learn to do the cutesy designs.

In all, I can’t wait to demolish this house with my wrecking ball of a digestive system. Even though it may not resemble some of the gingerbread mansions I found on Google images, I still think it is just fine.  We are amateur architects, so watch out, because we will be back next year!

Despite our droopy icing and lack thereof, we found a gleaming sense of self-accomplishment with using sugary cement in watching the walls come together. Watching it stay together instead of falling apart was more than I could ask for.

I will update as far as taste goes tomorrow. 😉

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