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#146 – Go to a Hockey Game – Completed 12/06/14

Go Bolts!


I received a thoughtful birthday gift and decided to take it to the local hockey game.

I’m not a big sports person but ice-skating is one of my absolute favorites when it comes to sports. Since I already have a love affair with the ice and winter in general, I always had an interest of hockey. One day I plan to get ice skating lessons while my husband gets hockey lessons at our local rink.

Surprisingly, living in Florida you wouldn’t think we have one of the best in the NHL. The Tampa Bay Lightning have a Stanley cup championship under their belts and we always show the best side of our blades in our highly competitive games.

The Bolts team is our baby. I used to work at what was previously known as the Tampa Bay Times Forum and we take our hockey games serious. I remember working my first hockey game on opening day of the season and I had never worked so hard in my time there at that time.

It was nice being back, so very reminiscent, as I had so many memories in those long halls. I watched the snippets of the games previously with a broom in my hand and a heavy lookout for anyone of position who could tell me to go away (even if my manager thought I worked too hard and let me take peeks every now and them when intermission was not in full effect).

Here’s to new memories, watching, not working.

On December 6th, we played against the Columbus Blue Jackets. Unfortunately, we lost my first game. The score was 3-to-1.

I was actually kind of disappointed because I didn’t know if I would get to experience a win on our side. Finally in the third quarter, with ten minutes to go, we scored one point. The crowd went wild, the stands were noisy, and everyone was in great spirits–even me!

I was paying close attention to the jumbo screen the entire time in case we ended up on it, especially the kiss cam, pinching fingers ready if he wasn’t alert at the moment. That had to be one of my favorite aspects of the game. We were both just laughing at the rendezvous of romantically silly couples. He would have licked my face anyway; I know him so well.

We had a blast and I feel like eventually we will get jerseys and season passes. It would be one of the only sports that we truly get into. We had fun together and wreaking havoc on our row, especially because there was no one ahead of us.

Its a nice date-type activity with your significant other.

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