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#143 – Get a Professional Massage – Completed 12/06/14


I am grateful to have a wonderful mother as a massage therapist who didn’t mind giving me a birthday massage. It was my first time seeing my mom’s studio and I was blown away by the decor and setup by her workplace. Gorgeous drapery, crystals, and natural herbs decorated the walls. It was so peaceful, relaxing, and pretty much what I like since I’ve always taken her interests as my own.

We are pretty much the same person and I’m thankful for that as I’ve always looked up to her. I’m proud of her though because she took control of her life and finally decided to do something she loves.

And wow is she good at what she does! Firstly, her room is her own and she shares with no one except her clients. She has the coolest lights set up, some nice candles, aromatherapy, and some lovely artwork. My favorite was her blacklight lamp that illuminated the starry fireflies embedded above some lacy drapery above on the ceiling.

Somehow I ended up getting the deluxe package and had the relaxation of my life for two hours. I learned about a lot of her techniques and just spent some quality time with her and my husband just giggling and goofing off any chance I got.

My back pain seemed nonexistent after she massaged it. Among other wonderful aspects, I had a heating pad underneath me and she used all kinds of scrubs and lotions for exfoliation. At one point, I had a heated facial mask and I almost asked for a bucket for my drooling.

She did an “elephant stomp” on me in which you carefully ration your weight on fatty parts of the body and well, stomp like an elephant. Let me just say there was no more comical moment than of that one right there, but oh did it feel so great in the relief of pressure from my back pain.

I also had some funny idea about trying cupping. If you don’t know, cupping is where you vacuum out the air in pockets of one’s body to pull up on the skin instead of down in a typical massage. Apparently it was meant to release toxins that get stuck in the body’s stream. The ancient Chinese believed you had evil in your blood in their own version with what’s called “fire cupping”, to cleanse the blood. It was pretty painful to me and now I have hickies scattered all over my back, where they were snapping photos for their enjoyment, while I was in pain! Lol! It doesn’t even look pleasant.

She aids in recovery of ailments, anxiety, and simply for relaxation.

If you’re ever in the area, check her out. She is reasonably priced, great at what she does, and always willing to give service with a smile.

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  1. What a great mom to have! I know your pain ha ha, but I think it was easier on me because I could loosen the cup up if I couldn’t bare it 😀 your mom looks like a real pro, lucky girl! Xx late happy birthday xx

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting! 🙂

      I am glad I have her and I’m glad she chased her dreams. You can loosen these cups up as well, but it hurt pretty much the entire time, haha! The marks didn’t go away for weeks! It was nuts. Thank you 🙂

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