Bucket list check | Go to a Horse Derby

And they’re off!…….

Today’s new adventure comes to you for a grand total of four dollars.

I can officially say that I have heard the “First Call” bugle call they sound at an actual horse race. That may seem insignificant, but I say anything can be an accomplishment no matter how big or small.

We had time to kill before the first post time of the first race, so we decided to pick up some lunch. We wandered around the drafty corridors o the main building and then gathered our heaps of greasy food. They had the normal stand foods, like nachos and cheeseburgers.  An added bonus to the chilliness meant we could also snag a cup of hot chocolate. Then headed to the stands in such a perfect climate and waited for whatever was supposed to happen.


I kid you not, we almost Googled how horse derbies operated because we were utterly confused.  Between the different times, the various numbers on the jumbo screens, and what the heck a group of Southern folk were screaming behind us in regards to bidding.

I can’t say we figured out much but we still enjoyed our time watching when the horses finally came out of their hay-filled hiding places.

The horses walk around the track and showcase their numbers for the benefit of the bidder. Yet, again, not sure why but it afforded me the opportunity to get a good look at all the racing horses. I fell in love with the only horse with a white as snow tail that flowed down the back of the steed’s body.

We stayed for three races. I couldn’t tell you which horse won at any time, but it wasn’t my favorite horse that won ever. My favorite part aside from watching them burst out of their starting gate, was watching how much power they pack behind hooves upon getting full speed and inertia, and masterfully cornering their turns at such graceful speeds. It was plainly hooves and dust clouds roaming past.

Maybe it isn’t our cup of tea because of all the waiting that goes into it, but wow, people really get into the sport. As aforementioned, the people behind us weren’t just screaming (children included), they were slapping the seats in front of them with a vengeance as if it were making their lucky number kick ahead faster.

Anything can be fun when we spend time together.


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