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By no coincidence did this clean-cut adventure appear on our list proceeding the recent completion of reading Fight Club. That does not mean I wasn’t taking notes while finishing my novel by Chuck Palahniuk. Prior to reading this book and having any idea that there was soap making involved, I read about the traditional way of making soap from scratch. That’s precisely when I decided we would not be going down that route to make our soap. I didn’t even need the scenes in the movie or book with the lye contact and kiss marks on his hand explaining the process that goes into making soap. Everything in regards to the dangerous effects that go hand in hand with chemical burns of lye just with physical contact was enough for me. I normally get whatever I’m working with everywhere when I’m trying to make a new recipe of any sort so it was not a risk I was willing to take.

There is another process that does not involve lye however. We have fur babies and I am a scaredy-cat when it comes to dangerous chemicals in or around our house. (I barely like touching ground beef because of all the weird things that come with that.) So when I found an online blogger with directions to a “melt and pour” method of soap making, we immediately jumped on this route and it is fairly easy.

First you gather your ingredients. We used a goats milk soap base, oatmeal, essential oils, and a mold tray for shaping our soap pieces. You can buy soap bases at your local craft store; we went to Michael’s. They have a variety of soap bases and mold trays. Apparently there is an awesome soap making section that I never knew about. You can use glycerin, goats milk, or any of the other varieties they have. We chose goats milk because of our Tarpon Springs adventure and the heavenly soap we bought from one of the natural sea sponge gift shops. We used apple and cinnamon oatmeal because it doesn’t really matter which kind of oats you use, just as long as it smells good to you and that is my favorite flavor. Oats are good for the skin and that is a good plus. We had a few bottles of essential oils in our seasonings cabinet, so we used “peppermint” on some and “lavender” on the rest which are both such wonderful smells, especially with the holiday season soon approaching. You can also add vitamins to rejuvenate your hands and whatnot when you use the soap but we didn’t. Besides the flower molding trays we got (yes, flowers, did you expect anything else?!), we used a rubber heart ice tray we had.

wpid-img_20141015_195234957.jpg wpid-img_20141015_200506930.jpg  wpid-img_20141015_195925699.jpg

This spur of the moment decision worked much better than the plastic tray we had! It was a bit hard to push the soap out of their molds. C had to oil the bottoms so they would slide out but we still had some difficulty. The rubber ice tray popped them right out. Although I am not showing what my dear sweet husband made, for it is better than I don’t, we found out that you could indeed make your own molds out of aluminum foil if you shaped it just right. Let’s just say it still came out pretty impressively for him shaping the mold himself.

wpid-img_20141015_193328729.jpg wpid-img_20141015_194945753.jpg wpid-img_20141015_194940858.jpg wpid-img_20141015_195434734.jpg

Then you break your soap base up into smaller pieces and then you melt it. We put it in the microwave in increments of 30-seconds. It’s like melting butter. Although it melted pretty fast, it also dries and hardens just as fast. Make sure your ingredients are ready. Then you add the oats, your drops of essential oils,  and then pour your concoction into the molding trays.

Voila! You have soap. We have a lot now and it smells divinely. I almost have to be careful not to eat the peppermint soaps. The chihuahuas even thought it was edible and tried to take it from us any chance they got.

wpid-img_20141015_202538756.jpg wpid-img_20141015_201044305.jpg wpid-img_20141015_202515970.jpg

Making soap is so much fun and maybe one day we will try from scratch but for now this was a nice experience we tried together. Simple things in life make up the memories. For under $20, you can make some of the coolest memories and then wash your face with it afterward. 😉 I even got to make a sunflower soap which are of course my favorite!

wpid-img_20141015_201326104.jpg wpid-img_20141015_202956895.jpg

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