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Let me tell you all about Marolyn Bruniece Lewis.

EPSON007 Me and Nanny

God blessed me with two beautiful woman for grandmothers. Shown here in the photos above is my Nanny. Although my Nana contributed to my love for flowers and nature, my nanny contributed to my creativity and my yearning to learn and she is the one shown here. My nanny always wanted to show me the things she loved most. Although her children and grandchildren were among the top of said list, she was also very well-versed in sewing, baking, simple living techniques, and always keeping a loving smile on her face. In fact, the two things she was trying to teach me right before I lost her, was sewing and baking. I was taught how to precisely make the perfect sugar cookie. After I mastered lesson one, we could move on to sewing. She sewed a lot of the clothes my brother and I wore. She sewed us “tooth fairy pillows” and beautiful baby dresses. I wanted to learn just like nanny. She taught me how to use her sewing machine and basics. Unfortunately we didn’t get too far into our lessons before chemotherapy called and said we wouldn’t have time. I was thankful for what I had learned thus far and cherished every moment I had with her. I still think about her every day. I love her so much. Seven years of my life spent with this angel and I’ll never forget her. Sometimes I wish she were still around, to meet her great grandchildren, to meet her grandson in law, to see me grown up, and to be there still but I know she’s there. She never leaves her watch spot in Heaven.


On my bucket list, I have “sew an outfit”. I couldn’t remember exact techniques and I was only working with a needle, thread, and my hands. It would have been much easier with a sewing machine but I still made the best out of what I had. I picked out the most beautiful fabric I could find and I decided to put my hands to work. It is a little more difficult than I remembered and maybe one day I will be especially great at making clothes. Next time I will start with a smaller project, at a lesser difficulty; I started with a dress and I’m thinking I’m a “go big or go home” type of girl because it always just happens when I try things for the first time. (My first tattoo accidentally ended up being more than half of my arm thus turning into a sleeve). I am pretty much finished though minus a few touch-ups but because I nailed the neckline and the straps, I figured I would go ahead and post it. I’ll work on the rest later. I think my finished product turned out lovely though and I am satisfied. I hope to one day be able to make 75% of my wardrobe. Dreams keep life interesting.

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