Bucket list check | Make a Mosaic

We thought we completed this bucketlist item months ago but realized we didn’t “actually” make a mosaic. We basically cemented some stones together on a stepping stone kit we bought at Michael’s. We realized it wasn’t quite a mosaic: bits of glass or tile that create a picture. We decided to redo the activity later and this time the end product was so great!

We started with two pieces of boards, some mortar, some grout, and some plates. We went to HomeGoods to find already broken plates or plates that were on sale. We accomplished and found all of the colors we needed for our piece.

We were discounted for the broken plate we found which was pretty awesome. When we got home, we broke the plates in a towel with a hammer.

wpid-img_20140916_205258239.jpg wpid-img_20140916_203634443.jpg wpid-img_20140916_202952792.jpg

We filtered through pieces and made some smaller. Once we had our pieces, we spread the mortar onto the board to make the pieces stick.

After doing so, we let it dry overnight, then added grout in between the pieces to unify them.

Voila! We now have our masterpieces which are unique and yell our personality at anyone who sees them.

Mine is the sunflower with the sun; my husband’s is the peace sign with the colors.

DSCN2470 DSCN2473

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    1. Our whole shelf seems full now of all the things we’ve done! Lol, my Florida room looks like a craft room. Geeeesh. I can’t wait for you to see either, though!

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