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I bought this journal when I was still in high school. Six years later, married, with four pets, and a lot of life changes come and gone, I noticed it still wasn’t even close to being complete. That’s when I took it upon myself to go on a binge to complete the massive amount of blank pages remaining at the seam. I took photos of some of my favorite pages as I realized that I put too much faith into the ‘creative art side’ of myself sometimes. Maybe I can’t draw like Vincent Van Gogh but I like to think I can write. I simply don’t mind. Everyone has their own trade, so don’t judge mine. 😉 Also, some of these pages are absolutely gross but that’s because of the directions noted. Anyone reading this from their email will see that it won’t make much sense unless you physically view the post. I have a gallery set up with captions to see the finished pages of my masterpiece. All I have to say is that this book is so entertaining and filled with fun.

DSCN2143 DSCN2199

Cover is decked out in glitter, most of which has fallen off and everywhere but the book.
Doodle Over the Top of This Page– The smile page is kind of creepy at the same time, it’s just fun.

DSCN2198 DSCN2197

Stain Log- Literally anything I could think of. Make-up, condiments, and bathroom products. Yum.
Sleep with the Book (Document the Experience Here.)-
  I didn’t really sleep with the book. So I just decorated. Again, I’m no Van Gogh.

DSCN2196 DSCN2194

Scrub this Page- Magazines aided my process. I was way too excited about that.
Document Time Passing- Nothing… nothing… nothing.

DSCN2193 DSCN2192

.sdrawkcab etirW- levart, srewolf, evol.
Give Away Your Favorite Page- I definitely didn’t do that either. I don’t have a favorite. I have many.
However on the opposite page I wrote one of my new favorite quotes from one of the more recent books I’ve read.

“We are travelers on a cosmic journey, stardust, swirling, and dancing in the eddies and whirlpools of infinity. Life is eternal. We have stopped for a moment to encounter each other, to meet, to love, to share. This is a precious moment. It is a little parenthesis in eternity.” – Paulo Coelho in The Alchemist

DSCN2191 DSCN2190

Glue in a Page From A Magazine. Circle Words You Like- All about books, of course.
Page for Four-Letter Words- FALL, LOVE, TREE, BOOK, CATS, HOPE, CUTE. c:
DSCN2189 DSCN2188
Draw Lines With Your Pen or Pencil. Lick Your Finger &Smear the Lines- Favorite lyrics. City&Colour all day.
Create a Nonstop Line- Everlasting.
DSCN2187 DSCN2185
This Page is a Sign. What Do You Want It To Say?- Never Grow Up. Peter Pan style.
Draw Lines Using Abnormal Writing Utensils- Painting with bottle caps, leaves, and magnets.
DSCN2184 DSCN2183
Sample Various Substances In Your Home & Create A Color Scheme- Self-explanatory.
Draw with Glue- Glitter spider-web.

DSCN2182 DSCN2181
Trace Your Hands- Mine & my husband’s hand / the lyrics of our song – Such Great Heights by the Postal Service.
Try To Connect the Dots From Memory- An intergalactic constellation.
DSCN2180 DSCN2179
Infuse This Page With A Smell of Your Choosing- Mariah Carey’s Pink. My first Christmas present from my love.
Glue Random Items Here: things found in couch or street- From keys to trash to decorative stones.
DSCN2177 DSCN2144
Make A Mess. Clean it Up- Threads.
Write Name in Different Ways- imaS.
DSCN2176 DSCN2175
Cover this page with White Things- This is probably my favorite page. So classy and lovely.
Trace the things in your Bag- Keys, pens, hair brush, wallet, and a lot more that wouldn’t fit.
DSCN2174 DSCN2173
A place for your grocery lists- Self-explanatory.
Glue a random page from a newspaper here- How random is the crossword puzzle? I just wanted to do it.
DSCN2172 DSCN2171
Sew this Page- We can live like Jack and Sally if we want. <3 There is a real sewing needle sewn in.
Drip something here- Curiouser and curiouser. One of my favorite Disney movies.
DSCN2170 DSCN2169
Rub here with dirt- Making mud.
Tie a string and drag the book- Yuck. The glitter collected every piece of hair it could find while dragging.
DSCN2168 DSCN2167
Cover this page with office supplies- Easy considering I work in an office.
Fruit stickers- I don’t have many on here because when I was going through my fruit binge, I ignored the journal.
DSCN2166 DSCN2165
The cutest dog in the world- Sadie was just being cute while I was snapping photos so she is now included.
Make a paper chain & crumple this page- My cat played with the paper ball & my paper chain kept ripping. Fun.
DSCN2164 DSCN2163
Place sticky things here- These two pages are probably the grossest in the whole book. Syrup & craisins.
Do a really ugly drawing with ugly matter- Compost page & old cooking grease. Blech!!
DSCN2162 DSCN2161
Climb up high & drop the journal- Second favorite page. My Paris dream is still alive. Je veux aller à Paris <3 I dropped it and so much fell out. :c
Tie a string & swing wildly- Another instance where a lot of crap glued in fell out.
DSCN2160 DSCN2159
Write one word over and over- What other than love of course?
Tongue painting & Wrap something with this page- I wrapped an old 1st gen. iPod nano I got in 9th grade. And candy corn is not good paint.
DSCN2158 DSCN2157
Document your dinner- Chef hubby made spaghetti one night for a mix-up. I usually make spaghetti. It was delicious.
Fill this page with circles- Buttons!
DSCN2156 DSCN2155
Scribble wildly- Yeah. Self-explanatory.
Do some rubbings with a pencil- I did this in high school and it’s actually one of my favorites.
DSCN2154 DSCN2153
Scratch with sharp object- =^^= Meow.
Press leaves- This is my favorite because it has my first sunflower. <3
DSCN2152 DSCN2151
Throw something dipped in paint- You go, Merida.
Make handprints and fingerprints- My cherry blossom fingerprint tree is sweet.
DSCN2150 DSCN2149
Draw fat lines and thin- Joy Division!
Poke holes in  this page- Pacman worthy.
DSCN2148 DSCN2147
Pour or spill coffee here- The coffee isn’t “coffee enough” to stain so I just painted over it.
Stand here- Valentine’s Day colored feet. My feet were red for two days. My husband didn’t even question it.
DSCN2146 DSCN2145
Crack the spine- Like a crack of lightning, Pika Pika.
Instructions- I just liked the way I colored it so many years ago.

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