Bucket list check | Leave one uplifting note for someone different every day for one month


Basically I stood in the stationary aisle with my husband looking at various Hallmark cards for about twenty minutes until I decided on which cards I liked the most. Trust me. I liked about 75% of them and I could not choose. Flowers, glitter, and butterflies — OH MY! I finally decided on a classy set that would look nicely in people’s homes, on their desks, and on their refrigerators as special reminders of how grateful I am to have these people in my life–and not something that looks like it came from a toddler. The catch is that no one will be expecting them and a different person will be chosen every day for the month of September. I will be mailing some and hand delivering others. Some will be to complete strangers and others will be to those who have been there for me for so long.

The point of this activity is to express my love for those in my life and to deliver meaningful and uplifting words to those in need or just to serve as a reminder that people truly matter. With all that goes around with silent killers such as depression and anxiety, I never want to hesitate in reaching for the best in someone whether or not it is buried deep within that person. I know first hand what its like to feel as if I’m in a glass enclosure of my own mind with what feels like no control from the rest of myself. When someone tells me they love me or appreciate me for any given thing, it brings my whole day to a halt and I sit on the string of words for hours and even days. The feeling I am comprehending is pure bliss in that there are people who realize how important it is to tell someone what you’re proud of them for.

Also, since this is more of an intimate activity between me and whoever I decide to give the thank you note to at any given time, I will not disclose what I write about but I apologize ahead of time because I am very long-winded and I can write for hours. It’s what I love, obviously. I will write down who as to keep track and I’m not going to leave anyone out but obviously with there only being 30 days in this month, I can’t send one to everyone but I want to say to each and every subscriber I have – thank you for following. Thank you for reading. Thank you for everything. I am happy to know I have each and every one of you as friends or family.

  1. CAD [rcvd]
  2. RNB & RJS [rcvd]
  3. CJB, CSB, ASB, CCM, & ASB. [rcvd]
  4. CBM [rcvd]
  5. JED [rdvd]
  6. The cleaning ladies at my job [rcvd]
  7. My neighbors [rcvd]
  8. My landlord [rcvd]
  9. MASB & KPT [rcvd]
  10. JAD [pending address] & JMD [pending stamps]
  11. XAD, MD, AXD, LMD [rcvd]
  12. JCR & AAR [rcvd]
  13. JNB, ADG, LPK, ANK [rcvd]
  14. PWB [en route]
  15. JEM [rcvd]
  16. MNP [rcvd]
  17. AVR & MCG [rcvd]
  18. My coworkers [rcvd]
  19. ANB & ZAB [rcvd]
  20. BLM & JCK [lost in the mail]
  21. My tattoo artist [rcvd]
  22. Stranger – I created a side project blog for these. How exciting. Delivered in Parking Garage at work
    wpid-img_20140922_114950424.jpg wpid-img_20140922_114938955.jpg
  23. Stranger – Delivered in Target plaza parking lot
  24. Stranger – Delivered in Mall parking lot
  25. Stranger – Delivered in Library parking lot
  26. Stranger – Delivered in Walmart parking lot
    Stranger – Delivered in Walmart parking lot
  27. Stranger – Delivered in Publix parking lot
  28. Stranger – Delivered in Publix parking lot
  29. Garbage Man [waiting for garbage day (Friday)]
  30. Mail Man [rcvd]

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    1. I am really excited because not only am I sharing these notes with people I love dearly, I am also giving complete strangers and service workers nice uplifting notes. I can’t wait. 🙂

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