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Part 1 of 2 of our summer conclusion series. I know that summer does not technically end until the fall solstice on September 21 but there are a few adventures we want to shake out in an attempt to get summer out of our system. (Hellooo fall!)

I researched a few places to seek the safest and most reasonably priced. I remember making a joke about going to “High Times” and “Chute ‘Em Up” being quite odd names and almost sketchy. The smiley face logo for “High Times” might as well have had red eyes if you know what I mean. Anyway, to my surprise, when I called to make the reservation to “Pro Parasailing”, they are AKA “Chute Em Up” so nope, didn’t avoid that namesake. It was still a great decision despite the gang sounding nomenclature chosen.

As our beach is absolutely pumped on the weekends, we were racing time to get a parking space and arrive at our destination before it was too late. We made it within six minutes of our deadline and we found a great place to park that we will use for future references in order to avoid having to pay $20 just to park on the beach for an hour or two. We signed the preliminary paperwork explaining that we know what we are doing is dangerous but yada yada. Then four minutes later, we loaded the boat and comfortably settled at the very end of the opposite side of everyone else seating. There were six people on each side but lets just say we had our own cranny if you will. We flopped off our shoes as instructed to do so and we sat for a moment and talked among the waves and ocean spray. Then that’s when we saw them. The perky, flipping, adorable dolphins just enjoying the bubbly activities that dolphins do. There were a set of them playing happily and another set playing tag with a boat in a mass of foamy waters. I was entirely too delighted at the sight so I stared in admiration until they were too far out of sight to flip through my glistening vision.

We had to make a quick pit stop to retrieve photo batteries for those who wanted photo packages. Once we were back on track, we proceeded to the far out world of simply unfathomable water surrounding each direction you look. The first couple was strapped up and awaiting their turn to fly into the bright, blue skies. As they were ascending, the next couple were suiting up for their glide. Two by two, I watched three couples go before us and come back with the biggest indications of happiness on their way up. Then it was our time. Da Da DUN!


After they strapped us in and retrieved the last couple, we were clipped to the bar used to hoist us into the air. We sat down and as the boat sped, the parachute pulled us into the sky. The water was beautiful and surrounded as far as we could see. The breeze felt like plush against our faces and the air was peaceful. There was not a single noise in the world around us minus our breaths and countless words. I remember looking around and wondering how many sharks were under us at any given moment. I also remember a few jokes being cracked about ending up in the water afterward somehow. I immediately cut these conversations down. The first thing I told hubby was that it was shark week after all. Or it just ended but still, those mouths full of teeth are mad because there have been cameras in their face all week!

There were tiny sailboats and tiny jet skiers crawling about the waters 1000-feet below us. There were tiny birds floating like feathers among the water, almost as if they were gliding on the surface of the water, but they were just closer than we were. The boat would speed up, the parachute would swallow more air, and we would be ascending higher and higher. The dome around us would not even show past a certain point as hubby described a large area in a video game that would not load until you got closer. We viewed the beach and the skyline through the perspective of a printed  postcard in any one of our touristy shops lining the main strip.

After ten minutes of a serene glistening view, we begun our descending journey. We were preparing for the closer and closer view of the water. We were sure at any moment we would finally reach the water with the tip our toes. The captain stated he would drop everyone into the water after their flight just “enough to get their feet wet”. However, considering both my husband and I are very short, we got our feet all right. In fact, my legs were wet—and my hips were wet. I was sitting in the water for at least 30 seconds. This was my favorite part of the journey. The water felt great and it was the perfect cherry on top of a parachute sundae. However, I recommend not shaving your legs prior to contact such hyper-saline water.

Everything worked out perfectly, we had a blast, and the pictures turned out awesomely after finally being able to view them on the SD card they give at the end if you purchase it. I may or may not be a tad bit burnt. My glistening Puerto Rican definitely only “burned” in one spot. I say “burned” very loosely because tomorrow that will be a beautiful mocha burn where I will be lobsterified for at least a week. C’est la vie. The life of an Irish girl, am I right?
DSCN8460 DSCN8464

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    1. I bet it was gorgeous in the Bahamas. The point of parasailing I believe is the view. I did it on Clearwater Beach which is gorgeous but I can only imagine what it’d be like in the Keys or Bahamas.

      1. Yes, to get a grand view from above. I find it a very chill and relaxing activity so you definitely don’t do it for the adrenaline. The only bad thing was when I did it I didn’t have a GoPro to take up with me so I don’t have pictures from above.

        1. Oh absolutely. It is peaceful and quiet. That is the first thing I noticed. It is just you and the world, or husband if he rode with you. Do you have a GoPro now? I’m saving for one now and especially after snorkeling with the manatees and I lost all my photos. I vowed I would not let that happen again. I feel they would be so helpful in these adventures and traveling. I just don’t know where to start. If you have any pointers, help! Prices, which one, accessories, etc.

          1. Yes I have a GOPro now and it has been my BEST travel purchase. I couldn’t live without it now. I ended up buying the best on the market at the time and I made the right choice (Hero 3 Black model). It’s worth the money to splurge on the best one for picture/video quality.

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