Bucket list check | Throw Darts at Balloons Filled With Paint

AKA your chance at one-of-a-kind fun art that exists with no two alike—or for the fellow girls like myself who fell in love with the heartfelt scene of Anne Hathaway, Mia Thermopolis as we know her, and her mother played by Caroline Goodall, throwing darts at a gigantic canvas with much more balloons and rain ponchos on.


I know why they used the ponchos now and that’s after admitting they were standing much further back than I was. Smart, real smart, S.

The materials you need are self-explanatory. Hubby and I both bought a canvas each, our preferred colors of acrylic paint, a package of darts, a package of thumbtacks, and some groovy balloons.They were actually called ‘groovy balloons’. Apparently Wal-Mart only sells four types of water balloons, which are the recommended type of balloons to use. The first one is called ‘make S run from one end of the store to the other before the cashier finishes checking our groceries out’. Turns out, the biggest supply of water balloons would not scan under any circumstance. Lets go ahead and stamp these balloons with a big fat red RECALL stamp. I didn’t make it. I was searching and found only two others. I wanted to find a variety of colors so they looked pretty on the canvas pre-paint explosion. Alas I did not have any luck. It was between ‘cherry scented’ red ones or military green ‘water grenades’. I settled with cherry scented because the clock was ticking and the items were scanning. After zooming through the last-minute school shoppers brigade, I happened to zoom right past my husband all packed up, paid for, and ready to go. I didn’t find out until after going by the same register and all the way back around to the end where he was standing. Now that we had more time to search, we found some tie-dye balloons in the back.


I’ve read into a few different ways to create eclectic splatters with balloons filled with paint and now I know that this creative activity is truly adjustable to each person. I read that straws aid in the process of transferring paint in the bottle to the balloon. This technique did not work because our straws were too small; the paint slid at the speed of a slug in a maze. We eventually figured a way to stretch the balloons open while being rolled down with our fingers and pouring paint into the bottom of the balloon. You absolutely want to avoid pouring paint on the neck because when you place your lips to blow the balloon, the paint is transferred to your face. The second issue we encountered was when pinning the balloons with thumbtacks. I believe next time we will use sewing pins or something of the like. The first dart of mine that flew ended up knocking every single balloon of mine to the ground because the thumbtacks did not secure them well enough. We ended up laying our propped canvases flat on the ground and dropping the darts directly above the painting. The third issue we encountered was unknowingly buying a package of both stainless steel tipped and plastic tipped darts. I chose the plastic tipped darts and they did not pop a single balloon.


The funny thing about encountering the issue of all of my balloons being knocked off the board is that it touched the concrete pavement and decided it was too weak for my touch. As I picked my teal balloon up, all of the energy involved transferred from inside of the balloon to all over me, my hands, and my legs. By the time we finished, hubby’s mouth was green and my legs were every color we used. I didn’t back up when I released the grip of my dart. Hubby did. Might I mention that it is very hard to see through glasses with purple splatters directly in front of your pupil? Well it is. My glasses still have paint encased in the creases and my poor, sweet camera is partially blue. Also, our sweet pup sprung through the doggie door out of the garage to join us and as previous stories have noted, he likes to lick everything. That is all I need to say about my then green-lipped chihuahua.

Now we have really pretty artwork hanging in our living room to add a bang! to the straight forward theme we have going on in the room. We had fun and was not afraid to get a little messy. It comes off of everything but the canvases in the end anyway. 😉 Next time I want to ‘go big or go home’. We will buy a wall-sized canvas and go crazy.


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