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Although I am not completing my “good deeds category” all at once, I am grouping them together on a post. The reason is because I don’t want to over glorify the activities I partake in because I don’t care about the recognition or “fame” of doing something for the greater good. I don’t want to be noticed for doing good things. I am merely documenting, spreading awareness, and hopefully proposing inspiration for at least one person reading to go out and do the same. That right there is the entire reason I write at all. Small excerpts will be provided but no more than that, which is precisely why I do not plan on giving each their own post. If one person causes another person to do a kind deed who causes one more person to do a kind deed, eventually we’ll have the whole world looking out for each other. <3

12/24/14 – Pay Toll For Person Behind You

On the way to our vacation, we paid for the person behind us to get through the toll on the Sunshine Skyway Bridge – one of my favorite bridges.


12/10/14 – Donate Toys to Toys for Tots




I really wish we could have donated more than a handful and we weren’t entirely sure what to donate so we just grabbed what we would buy if we had children, and that’s precisely what we did. Dolls and Pokemon. I let my husband pick a toy that a boy would like and obviously I grabbed Disney Barbie which is my favorite. It was nice because the drop-off location we used was of my cousin’s business, so we exchanged gifts, and she gave us some for the food drive we’re doing at work for the children’s orphanage. It felt good and I can’t wait to make some kids happy.

12/07/14 – Serve Food in a Soup Kitchen

This will be another repeat activity.

We spent our time assisting the chef in any which way he needed. I joined two ladies rationing hot food onto trays for the homeless and hungry. The girl to my left portioned the meat, while I was on mashed potatoes and gravy duty, and the girl to my right portioned salad and desserts. I think I owned that gravy scoop and it was no art, but I wanted to ensure my gravy-to-potato rations were proportionate. I thoroughly enjoyed dedicating my time to help the community that need it. It makes my heart happy to know they are being fed. I didn’t directly mingle with them as I was behind the serving bar, minus the receipt of a few “thank yous”. Hubby was on the other side of the counter directly handing trays. The other volunteers were good company and the chef was delightfully funny. It wasn’t an extensive act but that makes me wonder  why more don’t know about it or do it. This made me happy and I am glad we went with open hands. It’s nice to know people appreciate you’re efforts. A few ladies told my husband they loved him and this made me giggle like a little girl.

11/24/14 – Visit the Elderly in a Nursing Home

What a truly wonderful experience we had at the Veteran’s nursing home tonight.
It was a full-house for volunteers so we weren’t heavily bustling. We dedicated our time to having a fun-filled, relaxed night with a few good ol’ Vets who still got it. We signed up through a program the Tampa-Bay area offers for different volunteer projects at any given time; the program is called “Hands On Suncoast”. I searched for a project on our list and bingo! I found one under perfect circumstances since my husband had also served in the military and could relate. Speaking of full-house and bingo, we played poker. Well, it is more like I semi-learned watching my husband relearning while playing with a group of 15 or so. I was happily sitting next to him and Bob! Let me tell you about Bob. He was the big winner (apparently twice now!) Even though we didn’t do much “work”, except help clean up all the chips at the end of the last hour of the night, we still had an amazing time interacting with wonderful people. Bob kept sticking his tongue out and giggling with this little old lady who raspberried him right back after they claimed they were competing. Oh, how cute they were. Then there was Alan who was more than happy to quickly show us a picture of this sweet American pitbull on his phone screen saver just when we show-and-told pictures of our canines for Bob. He told us about the dogs he had for a long time. So, as Bob was wrapping up the biggest portion of his winnings, he patted me on the head and said I was his fairy godmother. This gave me the biggest smile of the night. The other folk surrounding in tables were so cheerful and into their game also; I think that was the best part, just watching them laugh and be happy. The older Spanish gentleman next to my husband told him right off the bat, that if he won, he got to keep his books. The guy next to Mr. Ortiz made a statement about “buying the whiskey” after he won a hand himself. It is just a wonderful environment to be in, laughing and showing them a bright smile, just to remind them that they are still funny, and forever will be. This is definitely an activity we may make a monthly habit.


11/15/14 – Bring a Hot Meal for a Homeless Person

wpid-img_20141115_150020019.jpg wpid-img_20141115_150029367.jpg

I believe by far this has been one of my favorites on the list I created and it cost less than $20.00 to do. There is no way to describe the rewarding feeling after completing such a heartfelt task and I’m not going to get into detail but this is definitely something I will be returning to. They are absolutely the nicest, most humble folks you could come into contact with. It’s such a shame that some are so afraid of them. We carefully worded our inquiries in not to offend anyone. Honestly, they’re people too, just like you and me; they’ve just been through maybe a little more. As we handed out the last one we prepared, got our last smile and bright eyes, received our last “God bless”, and drove away, I almost broke down. It is really sad to think about and I wish we could have done more. I enjoyed doing this with my husband; it always brings us closer. Just think about the last time they had potato salad. Potato salad.

Something so simple. Something we’ve had a few times a year. Something we’re about to have two and three plates of for Thanksgiving. It’s just heartbreaking what we take for granted when surrounded by people with so less. That’s why these things are important to me. I want to save the people and the animals who have nothing.

11/10/14 – Leave Bags of Change by Parking Meters

A small yet massively rewarding deed was completed with my husband today. The weather was perfect, exploring historic downtown was beautiful, and we had fun dispersing bags of quarters with kind notes. We left most of the baggies at parking meters and one at the local bus station. The great aspect about this is that you never know who is going to get it. You take the chance that maybe someone will walk around collecting all of them, which is why we dispersed them so that would be avoided, or you make someone’s day. It could be the small blessing they needed. I love doing things like this for the community. One that I quoted was

“Smile at strangers and you just might change a life.”
― Steve Maraboli


9/17/14 – Send Flowers to your Neighbor

Along with sending an uplifting note to someone every day for the month of September, we decided it would be delightful to send flowers with the note to our neighbor. Besides there aren’t many things in life that make me happier than flowers! I encourage everyone reading this to do something kind for one of your neighbors. After all, in more ways than one, you can always count on your neighbor to be there in time of need or just as a simple smile when you’re taking the trash out. Love thy neighbor.


8/18/14 – Donate Blood
wpid-wp-1408578934149.jpeg wpid-wp-1408578926357.jpeg

I am only writing a small story for this particular action because it is different being that it is my first time. Anyway getting to the point, I have completed the first and foremost good deed on my list. I’ve officially donated blood for the first time in my life. I want everyone to know that it really isn’t as scary as I initially assumed it was. In school, I would practice collecting small tubes of blood and in return, they practiced on me (although they hated it because my veins are hidden quite well). I quite enjoyed practicing phlebotomy, just not receiving it. Before I could proceed they tested the level of iron in my blood. I was 0.2 points off on my left arm. I felt semi relieved although I wanted to donate. I was terrified honestly. I don’t know how someone with an arm full of tattoos can be so petrified to give blood with one needle but hey, I don’t make much sense as it is. Then she tested my right arm and I was 0.2 points over the recommended iron to blood level. I felt relieved then as well because I knew I couldn’t chicken out. The funny part is when she said “take a deep a breath”, the needle was in, and I barely felt it even though I caught a glimpse and saw that the needle was thicker than a toothpick. Yikes. Before I knew it, it was over and I felt so happy. My aid was really nice and she even let me hold the bag after 😉 Now that I know it is nothing, I will continue to give blood as often as they will allow and I will make it a goal to do more in the world. I want to reach the gallon club. I’m happy that I helped at least three people in this world. I’m glad one person helped me (other than the aids of course who were sweet as can be and made it more enjoyable). My husband. He is irrationally petrified of needles, more so than anyone I’ve ever met, yet wasn’t afraid to stay by my side, even if he was turned away for most of it.

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    1. Oh, wow! That is interesting. Thank you so much for the comments and the reads. I plan on going back now that I don’t think it is awful. I would love to Canada and donate. I’ve actually been really wanting to go lately.

        1. Absolutely. I like giving back and helping anyone I can. The world needs a lot of work but I feel it can happen slowly.

          I just checked out your entry and it was very interesting. I didn’t know you could also personally benefit! Thank you for giving me that link. 🙂


    1. It is small but effective. It makes you feel all warm and happy inside. Maybe you make someone’s day, maybe not, we’ll never know. It’s the thought that counts though. I love random acts of kindness.

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