Bucket list check | Date night – Double Checker – Photo Booth

Why we decided to randomly go out for a date on a Tuesday night, I still don’t know. It was a nice night but now I know why we decide to hold date nights until the weekend.

We decided that we would go see a movie so we made a pit stop at the local mall. I figured we could check two items off while we were out and about. We retrieved a bite to eat and then meandered to the photo booth.

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I kid you not, if he hadn’t stopped me, we would’ve spent $20 in strips of photos. I had way too much fun with it and some things, well, will go unseen and unmentioned. Three out of four are good for each though. And no, the blurred photo is not a photo I ‘just don’t like’. My husband managed to get his whole butt on the screen. That booty is only for me and I’m sure no one else wants to see that all up close and personal. 😉


Disclaimer* Sorry male readers.


Ladies, do yourselves a favor. Walk up to a Victoria’s Secret and ask for a measurement. You may be like me and surprised when you walk out. I feel like this measure is completely good  for you and I’m surely glad I did. Let me back up, I saw this item on an article about what everyone woman should have on their bucket list and I figured, why not? I haven’t since high school and from what I thought, not much had changed. I was wrong.

We also went to the movies to conclude our date night. We had an hour of down time so we decided to hit the bar up on our way in. We had no intention of doing so until I saw a heavenly appletini floating on a large advertisement when you walk in the door. Anyone who has been following my stories knows that I have been in search of another like its kind from our third wedding anniversary. It didn’t compare but it was still delicious.


We saw Guardians of the Galaxy and it was really funny (from what I saw anyway). This is precisely why we do not go out on week nights so late. The most reasonable time was 9:45 PM and considering I fall asleep during any movie, even broad daylight, I should have seen it coming that I’d fall asleep. I may or may not have to rewatch certain scenes in particular but I had a nice time going out with my husband.

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    1. It was good! I heard you guys talking crap about me this morning, all because I fell asleep 🙁 !
      Haha just kidding! You would love it though. From what I saw, it was funny 🙂
      But we did c: It just sucked waking up as early as we did this morning after getting back late.
      I’m not complaining though!

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