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In the rain!

Geocaching was added to my list since for a few years now we have been wanting to go on a modern day treasure hunt together. This has been since we’ve watched the movie “Splinterheads”. We were absolutely fascinated by the concept. I suppose we never really mustered up the time. I will be careful not to reveal spoilers or give too much information to the muggles but I will just say that geocaching may very well be one of our new favorite hobbies.

Our adventure started as a 95+ degree Florida day. My husband and I took our “blonde child”, as we call the teenager I used to nanny, and went off into the hot sun by foot and board.

DSCN8354   DSCN8349

We were out all day and on a mission to find four but two of them were interrupted by a thundering storm thus unreachable. We ducked out at a “weight loss clinic” after finding our second cache.

DSCN8391        DSCN8393

It was most exhilarating running through the rain as it got heavier before getting to this small canopy and bench. We were soaked by the time we finished—-especially blonde child—-because she was close enough to someone driving by a puddle. Needless to say, she was road sprayed but we all thought it was pretty humorous. No harm, no foul; we were already soaked anyway. The adventure was all that mattered at this point.

DSCN8369 DSCN8378

I never thought so many people participated in this other world. There were names among names. There is a sense of satisfaction when you actually find the camouflaged container. In all, we found two geocaches. We found a micro and a smaller one. We signed both each in our favorite colors.

DSCN8385 DSCN8384

DSCN8380 DSCN8381

In the first one we found, I snagged a bracelet out of a pill bottle and replaced it with one of mine on standby in a ziploc baggie to be someone else’s treasure.


The rule is to leave something of equal or greater value when you take something. The second one was a micro cache with only a log included to sign. It really is an entertaining hobby, although sometimes more difficult than other times. All you need is a GPS or the geocaching phone application. You encounter all variations of wildlife, interesting finds, the experience of the great outdoors, and a sense of accomplishment.

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