Bucket list check | Make an Origami Animal

We made an abundant farm of origami to dwell on one of our empty shelves. Although I cannot lie by saying this was the least frustrating activity I’ve ever done, I can admit that I had fun learning how to manipulate paper creases to create three dimensional creatures.

I have accomplished creating a three-year-old’s elephant, a traditional crane, a cat, and a super adorable panda that has a head that won’t stay on.

My love has accomplished creating a complex chihuahua, a frog that you can blow air into to make plump, and a lovely blue orchid.

We both made a rabbit in an attempt to build one step-by-step together because I was getting beyond frustrated. They both look very strange. And my love’s rabbit has a really weird long body, I’m just going to say that.

Either origami is not as easy as everyone makes it look or my smarts are not in paper folding, but merely logical and technical brain exercises. As an example, I am a word wizard and puzzle aficionado, but when it comes to origami I am as twisted as the pieces of paper that I crumple and throw down in frustration. The irony in it all is that my husband, being such a natural at everything he tries for the first time, submersed himself into his tutorial videos and actually produced such works of art. He made more complex pieces and I was proud of his creations for him. It always baffles me but I’m happy to be married to such a talented man.

I will keep working at them and get better obviously as I am no expert. So far my favorite is my panda. It makes me happy.

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