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I feel that this item on the list is more challenging than that of the ” ask your spouse 20 questions” item. I have been stumped for two days because quite frankly I do not know what I would communicate to myself in ten years but here goes nothing. On August 1st, 2024 you may open this and ponder all that has occurred and how much you’ve grown.

Dear 31-year-old S,

I only hope by now you’ve learned as much as you have within the past ten years. Neither of us can predict the future so take this as a guideline to express how you’ve grown as an individual within ten years. You are a young adult now and by the time you read this again, you will have taken ‘young’ out of the equation. You will always be a child at heart though.

Within the past few years you’ve accomplished so much and it isn’t a bad thing to say that you’re proud of the person you are. You may have had mishap with your anxiety and OCD of which you aren’t afraid to say that you are still battling but you will have overcome it since you’ve already started slowly gaining control over your worries.

Now: You are starting to feel pretty and confident within because of the effort you’ve thrown into losing the few pounds you’ve deemed as an eye sore. You’re doing a great job and your husband is really helping in that department by encouraging you and even going with you on your daily runs! 10 years: By the time you read this, you will have hopefully been through two (at most) pregnancies and now have a complete family with your loving husband. You will get your body back to the way you want it though and be happy with yourself no matter what you go through. You aren’t going to worry about it though because you know it will be worth it. However, never again will you let yourself slip into the whirlwind that your love of food gets you in.

Now: You have no children right now. You have four wonderful fur babies that you spoil rotten and take care of more so than yourself in order to read this in another ten years and turn around to smile at them; even if they will be old and plump. Sadie is somewhat insane and she barks at everything just because she wants to be loved by everyone. Charlie is still selectively timid but loving as he always knows when something is wrong if he gently cuddles up to you. Grayfox is still very particular about who she shows herself to but when she comes around and she arches her back and rubs past you, you know what she wants. Putz is currently in a bathroom phase; she wants to spend every moment with you, even when you’re in the bathroom; she just wants to meow her love to you. 10 years: They would be playing your children. The predictions for your children are pretty straight forward. One could only hope for a boy and a girl just as your own mother got lucky. Your son, NCD, will probably be a spitting image of your Hispanic husband. We’re thinking a full head of black hair and dark skin of course with big ol’ brown eyes. Your daughter, GAD or CED, will look more like their mother. Let’s go with curly blonde hair (a girl can dream!), big ol’ blue eyes, and a caramel complexion. Even though I’m probably going to laugh when I read this in ten years, I will still love them the same. God Willing of course!

Now: Your marriage is going strong and you’re happy. You only have a few things to work on within yourself but you are learning to just let it go and stop focusing on the small things that won’t matter in oh, ten years. You know how supportive he is about every whim you could possibly think of. He is a kind-hearted man who wants nothing more than to make you happy and that he certainly does. With each year, you both mature and come together as any partner should. You’re both enjoying your time together waiting to have children so you can enjoy each other and be a little selfish for now, but you’re both excited for that day when it comes. 10 Years: Your husband will have shared ten more years of grand memories with you and you guys are just at the edge to hit the big 1-5. 15 years together will really show you what kind of person you’re with. You’ll know what you’ve known all along: he’s the one. By then you guys will have gradually matured a considerable amount in your relationship and even have a bigger family together. You might have even bought your own house by now and traveled to at least five different countries. You both expect to learn and grow with each other in the most ways possible as you adventure through life together.

Now: You’ve come to accept that most families are not perfect and maybe you don’t get to talk to your parents as much as you want to right now and you wish so badly that they could fathom this. Even though you know they know you love them, you still can’t help to feel guilty about sometimes going days without talking and almost never having time to visit any of your family. You are bonding with and getting closer to each of your family members now that you understand them on an adult level. At the same time, you’re not afraid and don’t feel ashamed anymore for cutting ties with those who are toxic in your life. You’re still forming relationships with your in laws and you also want them to know how much you care and love them, even when things aren’t perfect. You feel a bit misunderstood at times but you know this will pass. 10 Years: Your family is still wonderful as ever on all sides. Your side of the family has probably tripled by now as all your siblings are older and starting lives of their own. Even Tony! Tony will be 23, can you believe that? Some siblings may be married now and some may have had a baby or two. You expect at LEAST one niece and nephew from each of them, no questions asked guys! You have become much closer to your in laws and you relate to every single one of them on a brand new level. Your nieces and nephew on both sides may or may not have more siblings and more love to go around! Both Apollos and Lauren will be teenagers; watch out world! While Alaina and Lennox are still working on their double digits but old enough to babysit their cousins. 😉 Just kidding!

Now: In your own life goals, you really still don’t know what you want to do with your life. You’re torn between the medical side of business and the general business side of—well, business. You went from wanting to be a physician’s assistant to being an accountant. It all comes down to your lack of faith in yourself but you will overcome this. You know you’re not good at math but you’re great at budgeting and organizing numbers. You also know that you are a really nervous person when it comes to other people, but that you are fantastic at being there for them and being genuinely caring for another human being. This is what’s tying you down. In the meantime, you have a great job and you are happy with where you’re at in your career. Your bosses treat you well; as if you matter and are apart of a team. And hey, you even work with your husband. Who wouldn’t want that? — Even when he frustrates you to no end at times 🙂 10 years from now: You hope to have finished your degree. You have your Associate’s but you want to have your Bachelor’s.  You hope to have grown even more with your current company and that you’ve worked for the degrees you’ve wanted. You only hope to have contributed to your family’s financial goals.

Last but certainly not least, you started a website as a hobby. You hope for years to come that you gather more love and support with all of the other adventures you are anticipating. You hope that your dreams will have come true and that you will eventually have everything that you need in life because everything you need is enough. (Obvious Jack Johnson reference is obvious.) You hope you’ve inspired people to take off with their own lives, to live beyond their wildest dreams, and mostly that you may have helped someone in one way or another with your website.

As I know, I haven’t quite mastered the skill of predicting the future; these are merely the things I would like to reflect on ten years from now. I feel like this will serve purpose as a healthy self exercise for myself when the time comes. I know things may or may not go as I have planned so delicately because life happens. I simply like to know that there are certain things I long for in life and as long as God permits it, they could happen. I just have to keep my mind focused on the positive in life.


Sami <3

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    1. Wow you are the best. Thanks for sending this to me. I had been thinking of some kind of way to remind myself in two years but I figured I may have a different phone or lose papers by that time. I’m DEF going to put this to use. Thank you, seriously.

      Oh I bet that is going to be really cool! I hope you really like it. I had to choose ten years -_- so who knows what will happen by then, hahah!

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