Bucket list check | Make a Daisychain

I’ve been eyeing these flowers for a while now during my daily runs at the park. While we took our pups for a stroll this evening, I finally decided to test the thickness of the stems to determine whether or not I could piece the flowers together properly. Turns out I could! I’ve been attempting to make a flower crown but could never figure out which flowers met the correct conditions for the job. Of course I’ve been wanting my own ever since I saw the opening scene of Alice in Wonderland as a small girl. So, I gathered a bouquet of them and took them home to tether and place against my golden blonde locks. I had some assistance of my fur babies. They enjoyed contributing by sampling petals! Rascals.

It’s really a quite simple task. All you have to do is make a small slit with your fingernails at the bottom of the stem. I started at the top of the stem so preference comes into play. I suggest the bottom to avoid complications in pattern and asymmetry. Then slip the end of a stem into the slit and repeat until there is enough flowers in length to match your head in diameter. So there you go.


Silly Dinah.


Here is my Alice moment of the day.

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    1. You totally should! Then post a picture so everyone can see! They make such great photo ops. 🙂 I want to make one with bigger flowers!

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