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To be honest, this answer-seeking activity was one of the harder items on my list. There isn’t a lot that I don’t know about my beloved husband and although I still learn new things about my other half every day, it could be a harder task than expected. The challenge is  finding questions of substance and value that provoke gears to turn in your loved one’s brain. To the best of my ability, I thought of questions he could expand on in which would result in an enlightening response to myself. I challenge everyone in a relationship reading this to do the same. Come up with twenty worthwhile questions to expand your partner’s mind and possibly learn a few things yourself. I think we both had fun with this activity because not only was it a bonding experience, we both enjoy intellectualism profusely. Any opportunity to wake up a side of one’s brain not typically active is always exercising and fulfilling.

1. In an attempt to change the world, which three changes or actions would you implement?
Universal Healthcare globally, Education would become career based and not some bullshit government instituted program of things that they think you should know, Taxes to be flat for everyone at what would be a fair rate of taxation for everyone. To elaborate on that further, tax money would go towards programs that actually matter in this country and not to pay some fat cats salary.

 2. If you were to meet anyone living on this earth today, who would it be? And why? What kind of impact have they had on your life to contribute to being an inspiration to you?
I have already met her , she is the driving inspiration of my everyday and gives me reason when there is none. I wouldn’t be near as decent a person had I not met her , I would probably be living in some old crappy apartment working a dead end job with roommates for the rest of my life . She has helped me in more ways that I could possibly express answering this question and I am sure the feeling is mutual. This person is of course my wife.

*Disclaimer: I made this question so he would elaborate on his inspiration, front man of Streetlight Manifesto. When I received the answer, I glanced at it quickly in an attempt to paste it under the question. Then I noticed the content was slightly different than that of which I was expecting. All of a sudden I got sucked into the response as if were a black hole and I was lost somewhere in the galaxy. I even teared up a little bit and immediately hugged him. I was not expecting such an answer. He is not a mushy person by any means but to see him say something so genuine, makes me happy to be his wife.

3. In the future one day when you’re the father to my children, in what ways do you expect to contribute to the delicate lives of small human beings living under the morals, guidance, and love of yourself? How do you plan on conveying every meaningful piece of your life to them so they may have a life of value and substance as well?
By introducing them to the wonderful innocent hobbies I had as a kid like comic book collecting and the world of Pokémon (both the show and video games). I will teach them that it is important to love everyone no matter their creed or color or sexual orientation . I want my kids to be the light of the world I was never given the opportunity in my childhood to be.

4. Financial limitations aside, which creative outlet would you feel was more self fulfilling and express who you are as an individual? A a painter, writer, musician, designer?
Without a doubt, deep in me I am a wordsmith and I wouldn’t have it any other way .

5. If you could explore any culture or environment in any area, which would you choose for adventures and an all around self enriching experience? Why?
I would probably choose the only country that is also a continent , Australia, simply because I know so little about the culture .

6. If you could choose one person who has made a literary contribution to your life, who would it be? Is there any specific author, poet, songwriter that has touched your life or simply entertains you when you read their work?
For this one I have to go with Tomas Kalnoky . His music helped me get through tough times growing up and inspired me to begin my own writing. To this day he continues to inspire me with his unforgettable words.

7. What would your “spirit animal” be if you had one?
Turtle, I really like the way the turtle approaches life slowly and calmly, never in a hurry. The turtle just lets life happen and for that they live for hundreds of years. Its such a peaceful approach at life.

8. Do you love yourself?
Without a doubt, I am completely comfortable in my skin and wouldn’t change a thing about me.

9. What are ten small pleasures in life you are grateful for?
Ten pleasures: My doggies, Beer, Saturdays, The lingering smell of bacon, My cats, Driving, Music, The sun, Summer nights, Boarding

10. If you could learn to cook any type of food, what would it be?
I would love to cook like a gourmet Italian chef. After Spanish food Italian is my favorite.

11. If you were stranded on an island, what do you think you could contribute to those around you? Obviously the book I’m currently reading (Lord of the Flies) is starting to contribute to my questions.
My best contribution in this kind of scenario would be leadership. I have demonstrated to you time and time again how naturally apt I am to lead.

12. Of the four classic elements, which is your favorite and why?
Fire. I think that fire best describes my personality and character as a person. I see it as representing passion and vigor for life.

13. Which state strikes the most interest in you to travel to or live in?
I want to go to Hawaii. I feel like I would really belong there and would absolutely love the culture.

14. What has brought you the most joy in your life recently?
My family. I have the cutest most wonderful little doggies who melt my heart and the best most caring wife in the world. Best times as of late would be going on adventures with all of them.

15. What is one thing you’d like to do before we have kids?
Finish my sleeve, complete my own personal man cave, perhaps buy a house.

16.  If you could be the part of any TV family, cartoon or sitcom, which would you choose?
I think you know that I would love to be a part of Pokemon. I wish that whole world was real!

17. If you could only have three of your favorite movies, books, and only listen to three songs for the rest of your life, which would you take?
Movies: The Departed, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Wall
Books: Thief of thieves, Minimum Wage, Zombie Survival Guide
Songs: The receiving end of it all by Streetlight Manifesto, Nobody home by Pink Floyd, With any sort of certainty by Streetlight Manifesto. 

18. If you could be any superhero in the comic world, which would you choose to be? Which of your super powers would be your favorite?
Easy question: Spiderman . he’s a nerdy underdog that is endowed with awesome wall climbing abilities and Spidey sense , not to mention he’s just and all around badass .

19.  What do you view as your biggest accomplishment in life thus far?
Rising above the mess of a life I made myself after having been discharged from the military .

20. If there were any kind of device or tool in any aspect that you could invent, that would make your life easier, what would you make?
I would make a time decelerator so I can slow time down and have as much time as I want to enjoy things without any sort of limits , very much like in the movie Clock Stoppers . 

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    1. It was a lot of fun. It is something I feel you’d have a lot of fun to do with your husband! When you’re so freshly married, it is so so much easier to think of questions! Lol!! That is my favorite one too. I was seriously not expecting it and it is hard for him to surprise me, so it was just one of the best things I’ve heard. <3

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