Bucket List Check | Finish 1000-piece Puzzle

This is obviously a pretty straight forward post. I will not elaborate on every single piece of this story. I will however state that we had a lot of fun working together to make the bigger picture. (Yes, I was making cheesy philosophical remarks the entire time about “pieces” and life— and stuff.) We started July 21st and finished July 26th; It took less than a week to complete our 1000-piece world map puzzle because we became obsessed. Technically it was a 997 pieces; it would have been more acceptable if it hadn’t been the beloved corner piece that went missing. I’m convinced it never even made it to the box. However, what matters is that the picture came together in the end and the journey that came with this destination was an entertaining bonding experience.


“We all have a few pieces missing. The bigger picture is all that mattered in the end. It was about the journey, not the destination.” – S. D.


Since this is the first puzzle we’ve actually sat down to complete together, we framed the end result in our bedroom. The end result is a beautiful reminder of a big piece of what we are. (Didn’t do that one on purpose.) Other results: A scattered mess of kitchen utensils such as spatulas and bowls that aided in the process.  Oh, and a geography lesson. I’d like to give a huge thank you to Google for telling us where the South Georgia islands were.

If anyone knows of an easier way to glue puzzles to cardboard to save them for our next puzzle, we would GREATLY appreciate the suggestions. We definitely finished it off the hard way and almost ruined it countless times. Also, it was the most stressful event of my life.

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