Bucket List Check | Drink Coconut Milk From A Coconut

I barely remember the first time I actually drank from a coconut with my family many years ago. This was somewhat of a redo with a slight remix. Hello, Malibu!


While hubby and I were getting groceries, we started at the front of the store where the produce is located (which we never do; we like to start at the back). We started getting a lot of fruits lately because of a new healthy movement going on in our household. While browsing the fruits, a lovely bunch of coconuts caught my eye.

We decided that since this was a lower key bucket list item that we might as well buy some coconuts to enjoy for the night. The most exciting part about this new venture (before we got them home anyway) was shaking them and hearing the milk.

IMG_20140718_234059798 IMG_20140718_234020603

Once we got home, we pulled out the power tools. C drilled two holes, one for our straw and one for our rum nips. We got hair, dust, and coconut fragments all over the floor. We didn’t even really have to clean it up because our chihuahuas thought they would make it a group activity. They kept licking the coconuts while we were holding them. In addition to licking the coconuts, the dogs also almost made it to where we didn’t have to clean the floor.



The outcome was 50/50. The coconut meat was good and it serves as a nice snack. The milk I drank before we added the alcohol was refreshing . The only downside is that it was too much rum and not enough mixed with it. We could have added pineapple juice to make it taste better. You live and you learn though.


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    1. A lot of people are actually like that for some reason! Coconut is one of those desired tastes. I can understand how you wouldn’t; I like it though! I don’t typically like coconut flavored foods the same with artificially flavored cherry or grape products. It doesn’t quite taste like the real fruit; I love the real fruits.

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