Bucket List Check | See Big Fireworks Display


It all started on a rainy Independence Day weekend. We were on a last-minute mission to find something to do for the fourth of July. We had been discussing the festival going on so we decided to act on these plans. We had to stop a few times to take cover from the rain because it would come and go. It was constantly on and off.

Once we finally left our hibernation under the covered building, we made it to the park the festival was going on at. We wandered until it was time for the fireworks to start. At this point, we were down to a slight drizzle and to my surprise, that didn’t stop anyone. It really didn’t seem like anyone was trying to leave and escape the lightning even though it was storming nastily. The entire time, I thought to myself, “that would be Floridians for ya”. So we and the rest of the city sat there and killed time, getting ready for those fireworks.

Before all of this started, we were actually trying to find food because neither C or I had eaten prior to our outing. It was strange but each place down the Clearwater strip ended up being out of food so we just went to get fast food. Wendy’s made it to the lucky winner’s list. It was really the closest one so there wasn’t a special coincidence there.

We got back just in time for the fireworks.
We migrated toward the end of the parking lot where people had set up lawn chairs in front of the water channel. They kept telling me that we weren’t going to find a good spot considering how many people were already out there. That makes sense since these people were probably waiting out there for hours to get front row spots. To everyone’s surprise, we were completely center of the fireworks display. The display was spectacular.

It was a nice outing because we were spending time with the newest addition of our “friend family”, D; we are just getting to know the newest member of our small circle.


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