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Our first fishing escapade started one evening after work. We went to the pier to rent a pole and bait because we just didn’t know where else to start. It was our first time fishing alone together. Neither of us have gone fishing since when we were younger. We didn’t catch anything, the wind blew so much to the point that it was freezing, and we managed to completely tangle two different rods. We felt awful bringing the pole back to the guy in such a mess but what could we say? We couldn’t have very well ditched the poles off of the pier, now could we? The answer here is an easy one people. We had no idea what we were doing and it was obvious.

There was a plus side to the evening. The famous Clearwater Beach sunset from the pier lit up the sky with oranges and blues. We could even see sailboats passing through the sunlight gracefully and it was so picturesque.

Three or four fish-less attempts at fishing later, my dad decided to visit and directed us to St. Pete Beach. It took us that many attempts to actually learn how to fish and catch something the right way. My dad taught us his technique and we finally caught some. I couldn’t believe it was possible. My dad was catching lady fish back to back so I was seriously questioning the reason I even went along in the first place. My husband, just learning, caught three. My brother caught a few. My only little guy is pictured below and that was enough to make me happy.

IMG_7912 IMG_7910

We actually took the fish home and prepared them for dinner. I can’t say that I like to eat fish at all. I mean it was good but I definitely do not eat fish on any normal occasion. The worst part were the bones. I have an irrational fear of tiny bones getting stuck and slitting my throat then sinking into my demise for hooking. Thankfully I saved myself several times among the course of meal but I guess it was worth it. It is worth gain of a sense of accomplishment and survival to say that I can catch the fish, prepare it, and then eat it. I’ll just let everyone else enjoy my catches next time.

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