Bucket List Check | Blowing Glass

Blowing glass has by far been one of my most favorite experiences.

We managed to complete most of the process by ourselves and the rest with the aid of the professional guiding us. We repeatedly heated up the “glob” of glass. It’s a back and forth process because the temperatures have to be high enough to keep the process going at each stage. My favorite part was rolling the “glass glob” into bits of colored broken glass to make the color. Mine was red and purple while hubby’s was green and blue. We rolled it into shape and then used a “punte” to finish off the bottom of glass. The “punte” is the instrument you use to make the point. You use a long metal rod with a heated up glob of glass and attach it to the one you’re working on. If you didn’t, you’d have two gaping holes at each end of the glass cylinder. Then you fill in the bottom opening and start working on the other end of it. The part you drink from is opened up to size with instruments that look like pliers and then by blowing the opening.

Mine is more like a stemless wine glass and C’s is a pint glass. The opening to his glass is a lot bigger but they both came out very similar. We picked up our glass a couple days later and I’ve never seen anything so beautiful and unique. It takes such precision and no two look the same. However, it works both ways. If you mess up, it makes it look better. It’s one of those things in life that have a beautiful outcome no matter how you get there.

IMG_7392 IMG_7394

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