Bucket List Check | Stand Up Paddleboarding

Paddleboarding is hands down another one of my favorite experiences.

The other part of hubby’s birthday, we spent standing for five miles. It really isn’t even as hard as it looks.

The first half of the trip was absolutely beautiful. The sun was shining and the water was such a deep turquoise color. We saw turtles perched on logs from above. While standing up, you are provided a new perspective on something that is already so naturally beautiful. Imagine looking straight down at the crystal clear water and the fishes instead of looking over the boat to it. The only downside of standing was barely missing branches as you would completely clear on a kayak. You either had to really pay attention to see them coming and bend down to the best of your ability or deal with the monstrous scratches down your back. I managed to do both and it looked like I got into a rolling fight you see in cloud dusts on cartoons.

I managed to keep my clumsy butt from falling all up until we made it around the biggest concentration of onlookers on the river bank. Secluded: I look like a pro. First crowd: Into the water I go and people are asking if they can get the footage of my mishap. *Disclaimer: My best friend was not taking a video thank God. She was only taking pictures. Some are listed below. So we told them no. No videos.*

IMG_7029 IMG_7031

The second half of the trip wasn’t as visually aesthetic although it was still smooth glide across the water. The water was clouded and tan because of how much it rained the day before. The water wasn’t really clear at all which meant we weren’t jumping from our favorite tree. I am not sinking to the depths of something I cannot see.

We even managed to test the odds of getting stuck in the very same spot at the very same time and we literally couldn’t move. Plus hubby left us and was further up the river because apparently people can be faster and more graceful than we were. Who would’ve thought? We scooted our paddleboards for a little over five minutes until the two logs decided to release us.


Maybe I lost a pair of *free* sunglasses, but I loved my yellow sunglasses—-I dropped them and tried to get down to get them but we hit a very strong current and I was being dragged into “alligator area” which scares me more than anything in the world. I figured it was a lost cause and everyone behind me that tried to get them were already dragged past them when they attempted to retrieve them for me.

The weather was just so perfect! We even enjoyed the company on the river though. Although everyone said the same exact thing about us being on paddleboards, everyone was just so pleasant. “Oh, how do you do that?” “Is it hard?” “I have to try that next time!” It was funny because we almost predicted what each person would say. Of course we loved explaining our new experience so it was no big deal. There were so many nice people out there on this Sunday afternoon and a lot of swimming dogs jumping from the bows of their owner’s boats.

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