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For hubby’s 24th birthday, we honestly thought we were going to get rained out and we also really didn’t know what we were doing.

The first day we got there, it rained constantly. We had a reservation to pick up our kayaks shortly after we got there though so we left the campsite and went kayaking in the rain. It was 72 degrees; needless to say we were soaking wet in cold rain for three hours. My best friend even brought an umbrella. I’m sure we saw one other set of people on the river that day.

We arrived back to the campsite. The first thing we did was take turns taking hot showers in the bathrooms. Some wilderness excursion, I know, but we felt very blessed with showers there considering we were in 72 degree rain all day. We couldn’t do anything else for an hour or so though until it stopped raining. We were able to set our tent up under the canopy though thank God so just in case, no rain made its way into our tent. The tent was easy to set up although I was not the one setting up. I was reading the directions. I gave up around number eight so I just let them figure it out. 😀 During that hour, we huddled under the canopy and ate chips because we were also starving. We brought campfire food and well, you can’t exactly light a fire when it is raining. We probably killed off an entire bag between the four of us. Once the rain finally let up in the evening, we carried on with our plans.  The ground was still wet so we settled for sandwiches until we could start grilling.


Once the ground dried up, we finally attempted to start the campfire. It wouldn’t light for anything so we ended up making a trip to the local grocery store for lighter fluid (yet another commodity of our wilderness experience). We ended up leaving with a huge cake on sale, junk food, and more drinks.

When we got back to light the fire, we started roasting chicken dogs and then we made s’mores. We even attempted to eat some of the cake but we were stuffed by that time so we weren’t very successful with the task of the eating the cake.

IMG_6968 IMG_6967

The wildlife portion of our outdoors experience was small yet delightful. A wild bunny come right up to us while we were sitting around. He ate our graham crackers and surprisingly liked it. We also saw ducks. One duck was specifically named Mr. Waddles and I really don’t think he was very friendly at all. I was scared even getting close to that stupid red headed creature. He waddled quickly and always seemed like he was on a mission. He was also traveling three deep with his duck babes. He was probably the leader or a pimp duck. Who knows.

The campsite we stayed at was pretty cool. They had a few areas for entertainment and free access to the kayaks and canoes on the lake. There was a giant seahorse in the middle of the lake so we canoed over to it. We had to repeatedly circle it because the owners were filming it for some reason. *If we are famous one day for circling that creepy blue seahorse, I will be giving autographs free of charge- Thank you.* We spent the night around the fire, listening to music, just chilling out. It was so peaceful and relaxing.

The next day we went paddleboarding and packed up. The story is under stand up paddleboarding. We still had that cake. No one even tried eating it. We may or may not have left it on the picnic table in the sun to cook by the time we woke up. It was an accident of course but nobody else wanted to even try to eat it. We abandoned the sad melting cake but hey, the only reason it was on sale was because it was expiring the next day. I suppose it was for the better.

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