Bucket List Check | Painting Ceramics

On a sporadic Friday night, we made plans to have a ceramic painting double date night. We painted a piece and then left it to bake overnight. I love artsy bonding activities. I find it peaceful because you can sit in thought and while in the company of good people without it being awkwardly silent when no one talks.

I’d like to say that all three of them are very creative and artistically inclined. J painted an ashtray that look just like wood, C painted a shot glass and added his own peace sign to it, B painted a spoon holder with spunky colors, and I painted a mermaid to look just like me.

However, I almost didn’t paint the mermaid. I looked around the entire store for a mermaid but couldn’t find one. After 15 minutes of walking around, I finally made the decision to paint a sunflower spoon holder,  just like Brittany was doing; also because we needed one for the stove for the longest time and sunflowers match our kitchen. However right when I finally made up my mind, hubby came around with the mermaid and I almost threw the other one down to the floor. At least I know that if we go back anytime soon, I know which one I will do and will skip the awful decision process.

We ended the night in their apartment and had a lot of pizza. It was a pretty great end to the night and I’m glad we did so one night after work.

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