Bucket List Check | Salvador Dali Museum

During our visit to the Salvador Dali museum, the Andy Warhol exhibit was temporarily present as well. It was splendid to see works of both creative artists.

Of Warhol’s work, my favorites were the Polaroids he had taken of famous people. Of Salvador Dali’s work, my favorite were “L’Important c’est la rose” and “The Hallucinogenic Toreador”. That particular painting of his in the museum stood at a little over 13 feet tall. You just couldn’t help but to look up and gaze at every single detail he put into his work. I just enjoyed interpreting the paintings because each aspect were a part of the bigger picture; every minute detail came together for a purpose. We listened in on each tape for every one of his paintings through our earphones and attempted to piece together the thoughts that went through his mind.  He was a strange dude but he was good at being weird and that is how the best works of art come to be in the world. Creativity is worked for.

Outside, there was a maze, a giant mustache, and a Wishing Tree.


I loved The Wishing Tree. All visitors from a far and the community would tie their arm bands to the tree after they wrote their wishes on them. I took mine home to put in my scrapbook so my dream is not hanging next to a random person’s dream. I probably wouldn’t have been able to pick just one anyway.

There was also the maze. We went into the maze and got all the way to the end. *Spoiler alert.* Surprise, it’s a dead end and you walk through the shrubs for nothing but in my case, giggles. My husband kept running ahead to jump out at me and I was trying to catch up but he would duck behind a shrub before I even had the chance to find him. I felt like I was in the middle of Alice in Wonderland.

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