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For Valentine’s Day 2014, we went to Al Capone’s Dinner Show.

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For the price of one, we had enjoyed an endless buffet and all-you-can-drink rum runners. I had a vodka and cranberry drink, even though I don’t particularly enjoy vodka; it still tasted great. You automatically get the discount online. I was all dressed up because I had been dying to wear my 1950’s hair piece and it fit well with the theme.

Before we entered the area to eat, we had to knock on the door with a password to get in, as if it were an old speakeasy in Chicago. “Cherry Cokes” was our password. The staff were apart of the show so they were very funny and interactive with guests. One of the mobsters were trying to size C up. It was all an act but he was rocking a pinstripe suit and suit hat, and talking about us in the line.


Once you enter, everyone is set up on long tables so you are guaranteed to sit by a stranger. On one side of us there were an older Puerto Rican couple who were so nice to us and the other side there were an old couple who were so social and friendly. This is another instance where there were some people that I’m glad I encountered in this life. She was just so interested in our life and wanted to know more about us. She kept making jokes like “honey, I’m too old for ya” to my husband and I just wanted to fall over laughing at some of the entirely crazy things she said since she was resting her arm on his chair before we got to our seat. She really made our night. Her name was Red.

After we were placed and had our food, we asked the waiter if he could take a picture of us. The waiter took our camera and to our surprise, he took a picture of himself and C. He selfie attacked him. He finally took our picture while the whole time calling me “blondie”. I felt like I was thrown into the time era taking place on stage.

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During the intermission, they bring dessert and the pictures they take of you in the beginning. I downed my drink a little too fast during this time because I thought the show was over and that we were leaving. I didn’t want to waste my drink. I was definitely surprised —and a little woozy— when it started again.

The most entertaining part was that there were a ton of dirty jokes and with all the kids in the room, it was a wonder how why they were laughing because I know for sure they wouldn’t have understood. The show itself was funny and there was a good story to come from it. The actors were great and the wardrobe was superb.


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